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The 10 best Pikashow Online episodes of all time

You may have heard about Pikashow making waves on the internet. Having a platform where you can watch movies and shows for free is always a dream for many. Now you have an ocean of shows and movies to watch, thanks to Pikashow. In this article, we will tell you about the 10 best Pikashow online episodes of all time. 

What is Pikashow?

Pikashow is a free streaming platform that comes in the form of an Android App. On this platform, users can watch free content from paid OTT platforms. Moreover, you do not get any subscription to use Pikashow. It has TV shows, moves, and live Tv channels from over 100 network providers. 

10 best Pikashow Online Episodes of all time

  1. Jurassic Bark – Futurama

The episode Jurassic Bark in Futurama consists of a very touching and emotional moment of losing a pet. As a result, it attracts lots of attention from the audience as compared to other TV episodes. This event of Jurassic Bark made the viewers have a roller coaster of emotions; some could even relate to it. The moment Seymour keeps waiting for Fry for years will surely be something we will never forget. This is a highly-rated show on IMDB, and you can binge-watch it on Pikashow. 

  1. Goodbye, Farewell and Amen – M*A*S*H

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen is the series finale episode of M*A*S*H. This episode takes place during the last days of the Korean War. Moreover, the soldiers are saying one last goodbye to each other and throwing a little party. It is the longest episode in the whole series and can be looked at as a feature film. As a result, viewers who haven’t watched its other episodes can also understand the last one. M*A*S*H has garnered over 100 million viewers in America; hence it ended up on our list. 

  1. Blackwater – Game of Thrones

Tyrion Lannister leads his army to defend King’s landing against another army. This event is the battle of Blackwater bay hence the name of the episode. This episode is one of the rare times when the show sticks to the proceedings of the war. Everything is focused on King’s Landing. On the other hand, Lena Headey also gives a tremendous performance in this episode. 

  1. Pilot – lost

This episode certainly had plenty of hooks that made the viewers stick to the show. A great show can be determined by its quality of hooks. In this episode of lost, a plane crashes where passengers are stranded on an island. The hooks in this particular episode were Where exactly are they stranded? And Who made the plane crash? The incident made everyone stay in a group and collectively work towards their objective. 

  1. Dead Freight – Breaking Bad

In the heist of robbing a freight train by Walter White and his crew, one of the members shot a boy who witnesses the scene. As a result, the situation got more complicated than it needed to be. Heists in movies never disappoint, especially when there is a twist like this one. Moreover, the mastermind behind this heist gave one a better by being intelligent and paying attention to details. The whole episode of full of roller coasters, and viewers will surely enjoy the episode on Pikashow. 

  1. Stress Relief – The Office

Dwight, a worker in Dunder Mifflin set up a drill by setting up a fire. However, he did not tell anyone about it prior to this incident. As a result, the whole office got into a chaotic mess. Moreover, one of the workers also had a heart attack in the midst of all this. After that, the manager also came up with creative ways to reduce stress. All this sounds completely bizarre, but all of this happens in a comedic manner, just like the rest of the series. 

  1. The Rains of Castamere – Game of Thrones

You do not see the vanishing of the main characters in most of the series nowadays. However, the creator of Game of Thrones has taken us by surprise with “The Rains of Castamere”. In this episode, the scriptwriters decide to kill off some of the main characters in Game Of Thrones. The show becomes more appealing when something like this happens and is executed properly. More importantly, this show exactly does that, and we all know how well it is doing. As a result, the season where this episode takes place is when the series became wildly appealing to the crowd.

  1. Battle of The Bastards – Game of Thrones

Here we have another episode in our best episode of all time to watch on Pikashow. However, the main element is different from the one we have seen above. In this episode of game of thrones, the parties battled with each other to gain control over Winterfell. The battle consists of swords, shields, and dragon fire. It is certainly a breathtaking battle sequence where you will see cinematic ways of slaughtering. There is a high number of fatalities, as you can expect in such battles. Battler of the Bastards is the most Emmy-winning TV episode of all time. 

  1. Face-Off – Breaking Bad

The main protagonist of the series Breaking Bad finally beats the main villain “Gus Frin”. Walter White made the villain blow up in a retirement home which is not the last time we get a glimpse of Gus Fringe. As the blow-up scene takes off and the episode runs, Gus fringe walks out of the burning home with his half-blown face. He died shortly after that, but it engraved an emotion in all the viewers. Moreover, this episode marks the time when Waler White also becomes the major kingpin. 

  1. Ozymandias – Breaking Bad 

We conclude our list of all-time best episodes to watch with another Breaking Bad Episode. In Ozymandias, a gang kills Henry R. Schrader who is the brother-in-law of Waler White.  Walter White felt guilty and tried to get his family out of the city. However, his family had nothing to do with him, which took a sad turn for the protagonist. Fans and viewers felt terrible for Walter white, who has gone through illegal ventures to provide for his family. Ozymandias has a 10/10 IMDB rating and is certainly a great episode to watch on Pikashow. 


Pikashow provides free TV Shows and movies for its users. It covers a wide range of network providers and platforms to ensure that you get to watch your favorite shows. You can easily download the apk file of PikaShow from the internet. OffiDocs also exclusively allows its users to have access to Pikashow on its website. Get Pikashow and start watching these episodes on your computer.

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