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Two Best Photo Editing Google Chrome Extensions

The popularity of Google Chrome comes from powerful developer support and features. It has millions of users, and it is the default browser on many devices. Google Chrome extensions are the largest extension market on the internet. There are plenty of categories of extension available in it. Today we will look at extensions for photo editing and briefly tell you about our two best picks. They are the best in their class, and you can create compelling art and graphics using these extensions exclusively.  

Photo Editing – Chrome Extensions

1. Gimp

Gimp is a photo editing extension with powerful tools. It comes with retouching and composition features that help you create compelling images. Moreover, you can do image authoring and basic editing. Gimp is an integration of the Linux desktop app GIMP which is a full version of the extension. It comes with various programs and tools that are freely available. This extension serves many editing purposes like a simple painting, image editor, and expert photo retouching. In addition, you can use Gimp Extension as an image format converter.

The ideal usage of Gimp extension is in advanced photo manipulation and retouching. It has powerful tools that can remove details that you do not want. In addition, you can create clones within the same image. This will make your pictures breathtaking and one of a kind. The healing tool is also handy when it comes to removing minor details. Gimp has given us the tools to make your picture perfect by compensating them accordingly.

Images come from different lenses that are equipped with their respective devices. As a result, there is perspective distortion in pictures. Gimp has a corrective mode that fixes distortions and tilt of the image. You can easily add this google chrome extension from Offidocs and use it. 

Gimp has a full photo editing software suite with a brush, airbrush, pencil, etc. With these tools, you can edit pictures the way you want and how you want them. The editing process becomes more effective and seamless with the image editor. Gimp has a powerful engine that increases anti-aliasing. As a result, you will see high-quality pictures that improve the editing. 

You can manually set the amount strokes and brush size you need. On top of that, there is also an excellent gradient editor and blend tool. Other features of Gimp are layers. Full alpha channel support and adding text layers. Gimp supports a wide range of image formats that can produce multi-resolution and color-depth icon files. 

2. Inkscape

Inkscape extension is for someone who makes vector editing and graphics. You can create various vector graphics such as line arts, illustrations, logos, and complex paintings. It has amazing tools that will let you enjoy the vector editing process. 

This free photo editing software is an integration of the Inkscape desktop app. It is an open-source platform that is similar to coral draw, adobe illustrator, and freehand. Inkscape extension supports scalable vector graphics )SVG as its native format. It is an open XML-based W3C standard which is a very flexible text format. 

 The extension comes with incredible tools like the drawing tool. Within this tool, there is a handful of other tools like pencil, pen, and calligraphy. The pencil tool allows freehand drawing with a constant path. Similarly, the pen tool will let you create Bezier curves and lines. Lastly, the calligraphy tool is all about freehand drawing and paths with calligraphic strokes. Inkscape extension also comes with the ability to create rectangles, ellipses, polygons, and spirals using the shape tools. In addition, it also comes with a text tool that has a multi-line text feature and on-canvas editing.  

You can set properties of object manipulation to make the picture exactly how you want it. For instance, you can set the rotation amount to a specific number or do it interactively on the canvas. This makes moving, skewing, and scaling of objects much more seamless. In addition, you can add multiple layers that you can lock, hide and rearrange. 

Many alignment and distribution features are also available in this photo editing software. It supports popular formats, including SVG files. The XML editor present INkspace lets you live to edit the document tree. 

Conclusion – Photo Editing

Google chrome extensions are life-changing if you manage to get the right type of extension. When it comes to photo editing, these two extensions are the best for you. They are both available for chrome and firefox and directly available in OffiDocs. 

If you want to have more sophisticated and simple editing, then the Gimp extension is the right choice. It has a complete set of tools for basic editing. Sometimes being basic is the key and the Gimp extension has the best set of basic editing tools. On the other hand, Inkspace provides the incredible ability to create vector graphics that you can use on a professional level. There is always a desktop app that you can opt for more versatile features, but the extensions will get the job done in most cases. 

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