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5 Best Google Chrome Extensions (100% Free)

Google Chrome Extensions are a must now because Google Chrome is the default browser for every computer user. The term “chrome” is almost a synonym for browsers. It shows how popular this browser is, and one of the reasons behind that is its features. More specifically, the extension support of Google Chrome makes it a superior choice over other browsers. There are thousands of extensions available for Google Chrome, and some of them are life-changing. So here are our picks for the five best you must have.

Google Chrome Extensions

1. OpenOffice Writer – Chrome Extension for WordProcessing

The writer tool extension from OpenOffice is needed by every writer. It is easy to use and an effective google chrome extension that you won’t be able to live without. OpenOffice Writer extension has all the tools a writer wants. For starters, there is a lookup tool that highlights words with their meaning and definition. Similarly, there is a handful of impressive tools available in this extension.

With OpenOffice writer, you can edit and view any Microsoft word document in doc and Docx format. The extension normally works like a word processor, and you can create large documents, reports, books, etc.  Above all, you can make a quick memo with this extension whenever you want.

There are wizards for standard documents in OpenOffice where the extension can do various tasks. These tasks can be agendas, setting timers and mail merges, etc. In addition, you can create templates or download them from its templates library. After that, there is also an autocorrect dictionary and auto-complete feature to ease your writing process. 

2. LibreOffice – All in One Chrome Extension

LibreOffice editor web extension is a one-stop-shop for editing documents, spreadsheet,s, and PowerPoint. You can view, edit and create new files that support popular formats among these three office suits. Above all, this google chrome extension has LibreOffice online integration and a file manager. As a result, writers can manage their documents when they are online.

The extension provides creating doc, Xls, and ppt document by giving access to LibreOffice editor. The editor detects when you are creating a document, and the extension will open up using LibreOffice. 

There is also a review toolbar that LibreOffice recently added. The toolbar gives various menus and toolbars that give quick access to many features. In addition, a new “Clear document” feature is also added where it removes reviews. These review information could be tracked changes and com.

Fonts editing, background colors, rows, texts, and columns are some of its basic features. Other features include export to PDF, slides preview, and advance find & replace. Moreover, the file manager has cloud storage where you can store files. You can open, move, copy and create folders within the directory. 

3. Document Word Editor – Extension for Word users

A simple and easy-to-use word editor to create, edit, and view the document is all we want. While some people require complex document editing tools, others just want a quick word-creating process. Document Word editor has basic editing tools and supports formats like Doc, Docx, and ODT. 

Document Word editor extension works with LibreOffice online and a file manager. The integration of LibreOffice provides powerful tools and services to users. Moreover, the file manager can manage files such as storing and moving them from one place to another. 

As soon as you enter the extension, you will get direct access to edit a document. However, you won’t be able to edit other documents while the document word is active. Inside the document, you can change styles, fonts size, colors, background colors, and insert images. In addition, export to PDF, auto-save, and find & replace feature is also available in the Document Word extension.

The extension is available at Offidocs, where they also provide its service. It is free to use, and the document word extension allows integration with premium users. Other services from Offidocs LibreOffice are also available on-premises.

4. Free Excel XLS – Best Chrome Extension for Office Work

Excel XLS is a google chrome extension that shows Microsoft excel sheets both in XLS and XLSX. You can edit and view documents directly using this extension. Moreover, it supports standard Open Office format like ODS. Free Excel XLS is available as the integration of LibreOffice and its file manager. 

XLS, XLSX, and off spreadsheets are accessible through a direct link with Excel XLS. In addition, it intercepts other programs and runs all Xls, Xlsx, CSV, or Odf spreadsheets on the Excel XLS editor. You can also edit and view spreadsheets of this extension using Calc from OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and Microsoft Excel. 

Excel XLS gives amazing sets of editing features such as style management, changing background colors, and font sizes. The extension also comes with versatile exporting features such as PDF. On top of that, it also has auto-saving and find&replace features.

5. PDF Editor Online  – Frequently used Chrome Extension

PDF files are professionally used in offices and even for casual uses as well. Outside of the profession, people use PDFs to send pictures via Whatsapp. This is because PDF sends accurate data without compromising on the size. There is little to no compression when sending files that are in PDFs. Workers in the office use PDF every day, and they send large electronic documents in PDF. 

With this much prevalence of PDF in our lives, there is a need for PDF editors, and here we have PDF Editor Online. It is a google chrome extension that also works in other browsers like Firefox. You can add this extension directly from OffiDocs and use it immediately. View, edit, and create PDF files in just a few clicks.  Moreover, users can add documents to this extension without breaking the format. 

You can create PDFs using the sea of templates available in the extension. After that, you can also modify various elements inside the PDF. There is also a navigate feature that helps you navigate page objects and outlines. 

PDF editor online lets you add and save notes within PDFs, which can be handy. You can view the PDF with the same notes when you open up the PDF using this free extension. Above all, PDF editor online is compatible with Adobe Acrobat and PDF files. 

Conclusion – Google Chrome Extensions

As you already know, there are plenty of extensions available for Google Chrome. We have picked extensions that cater to people who want to increase their productivity. Software like excel sheets and PDFs are used in all aspects of office and non-office works. From exchanging files to doing presentations, you will need these extensions regularly. We hope you find this guide helpful and are ready to install the extensions today. 

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