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You Stickers  screen for extension Chrome web store in OffiDocs Chromium

You Stickers Chrome web store extension



Run the Chrome online web store extension You Stickers using OffiDocs Chromium online.

Homepage: https://www.


com/ Version 9.4.0 New Feature: Switch Room: now you can switch between chat rooms by hitting keys combination: Ctrl + [ Then type to search room by name, using arrow up/down for navigating and selecting room.

Hit Enter to go to the selected room.

Switch Room (Unread): use keys combination: Ctrl + ] This is similar to the normal switch except the room list will only contains rooms that have unread messages.

A minimal tookit for Chatwork.

What this extension offers are: 1. Allow display stickers along with text (by replacing certain keywords with image) Type :: (double colon) to open the stickers popup and start searching by typing On the left center right of the screen is where you can open the Sticker Panel.

Just hover and click.

(Hotkey: Ctrl + Q ) Shuffle stickers on panel: Hotkey: Ctrl + ` (*) Support GIPHY Embedded GIF Image Step by Step to embed a GIPHY image: + Go to Giphy homepage https://giphy.

com/ + Choose and open a GIF image + Click Copy link + Copy the GIF link.

It will be similar to this: https://media.



gif + Click [GIPHY] button on toolbar --> Paste the GIF Link --> click OK.

+ Send ---> DONE Hint: Save these GIF Link in My Chat - Description for later use.

In this format: [media.



gif] Hint: Install GIPHY Chrome Extension for faster search GIF.

You can Drag and Drop the Gif Image to the Input box.

(You must click [GIPHY] to open the Input box first, before open GIPHY extension.

2. Allow mention members in the chat room, including: 2.1. Mention (normal): TO a person with his/her name.

Trigger keyword: @ 2.2. Mention with picon: similar to the normal mention, but without TO (means without notification).

Trigger keyword: $ 2.3. Mention without name: similar to normal mention, but without member's name.

Trigger keyword: .

_ 3. Provide shortcuts for common supported tags: 3.1. Type ii + TAB or info + TAB for [info][/info] 3.2. Type itti + TAB for [info][title][/title][/info] 3.3. Type cf + TAB or code + TAB for [code][/code] 3.4. Type title + TAB for [title][/title] Why You-Stickers ? 1. SUPER SMALL: Smallest extension size you would ever ask for, with only ~ 27 KB 2. HIGHLY EFFICIENT: Super efficient RAM/CPU usage, could challenge every type of benchmark.

3. NEVER GET BORED: Continuously, frequently deliver new stickers.

4. AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE: New stickers AUTOMATICALLY available to you whenever published.

5. CONSISTENCY: The sticker displayed on your browser will be the sticker displayed on your friends browser.

NOTICE!!! For chat messages that contain both Text and Stickers, Edit Message feature will be SLIGHTLY affected.

Additional Information:

- Offered by Nguyen You
- Average rating : 0 stars (hated it)
- Developer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You Stickers web extension integrated with the OffiDocs Chromium online

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