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On the Slow Death of Canada

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On the Slow Death of Canada

"What's the Most Important Thing in your Life?"
Dr. William L. Pierce

"Repent and Rebel"
Pip Argot

Being Canadian means being part of a family

Clifford Sifton
Baron Maurice von Hirsch
Ezekiel Hart
Pierre Trudeau
Zionist Occupied Government
Holocaust Lie
Bible Lie
Stone Age Tasaday
Australian Aboriginals
African Bushmen
Paleolithic Lascaux Caves
our ancestors were tribal hunter-gatherers
Land of Nod to the East
the Deluge and the Great Green Sea
"The Egyptian Book of the Dead"(also known asthe "Papyrus of Ani")
Mithras cult in the Roman Empire
Christianity and the story of the slaying of the White Bull of Heaven ("Moon")
Noahic God of the Semites
War of the Plains of Siddimin the time of Job
the real-and-true laws of the Jews
Herod and Caesar
Jesus - Horus (the lamb of God) - Osiris & Isis - Amen-Ra
Mohammed and the Arch-Angel Jibril
false gods of the Jews and Islam

Mass immigration
European integration
the genocide plan of the Peoples of Europe
Eurasian Caliphate
multicultural propaganda
Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi.- founder of the European Union
\u201cPan-European\u201d movement in Vienna
New World Order
Tomá\u0161 Masarykand
Edvard Bene\u0161and
Max Warburg
Ignaz Seipeland
Karl Renner
Léon Bloum
Aristide Briand
Alcide De Gasperi

Second World War
Winston Churchill son of Jenny Jacobson
the Jewish Masonic Lodge B\u2019nai B\u2019rith
\u201cUnited States of Europe\u201d
Nationalistic Peoples of the Old Continent
a homogeneous Eurasian-Negroid mock race
Black Lives Matter and the LGBTI movement

shocking gang rape of a nine-month old baby girl n 2001 by six Black men from Upington (South Africa): Piet van Rooi (39), Jan Mienies (45), John Radebe (24), Frans Mostert (28), Jan van Wyk (66) and Joffie Freeman (22). The oldest accused was said to be a close relative of the baby, whose mother is herself a child, barely age 15 years.

86-year-old Sister Gertrud Tiefenbacher, who was gang-raped and murdered by robbers for a small amount of money in South Africa in April 2015.

n 2014, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) when a mob stoned, burned and ate a man after accusing him of being part of a Ugandan-based Islamist \u201crebel\u201d group operating in the area

ongoing tradition of cannibalism in Africa
roasted human head was on the menu
vicious child soldiers

children, women and elderly people who could not run fast enough and were massacred by Boko Haram in 2014

Rwandan Genocide... which was a genocidal mass slaughter of Tutsi and moderate Hutu in Rwanda by members of the Hutu majority from April 7th-to-15 July 1994

degenerate homosexual agenda

Unholy Civil Race War

a biological and chemical Apocalyptical wasteland

Bankrupt Corporation of the Dominion of Canada
Eastern Industrialists Third World scum flooding into our nation and polluting our country with foreign languages, false idols, and the ZOG-created Nietzschean Afro-Asian Last Man (by muddling the proud blood of our people with the Third World vermin flocking here for a better life having ruined their own lands). and the Zionist agenda

Zio-media's brain-numbing MK-Ultra Monarchist sexualizatio of their violent mind-washing racist rainbow-striped homosexual and po' Blacks propaganda.

Golden God Moloch
Unholy Civil Race War
Zionist-manufactured economic holocaust (such as the Holodomor)

Führer Adolf Hitler & "Blood and Guts" George S. Patton

no great organizations like the Templars to protect the innocent

Blacks being the long-sought "missing link"

that we should never forget we were all immigrants is just not true

Rapinder (Rob) Sidhu
lieutenant-commander Wafa Dabbagh
oreign-born mercenaries to enforce corporocratic slavery
no end to mass Third World immigration
unwanted foreign-born aliens
enemies of the State
ZOG's multicultural global village... a favella ghetto and gulag slum
Khazarian-mafia banksters
the commands of "Landru" = the forever purge
revolting humans

one heart, one brain, and one living spirit
flesh and blood and bone
the heart, mind and soul of our collective unconsciousness
gadom offspring of slant-eyed black-skinned Cain

First French Family
a true son of the soil
true and strong and free

Stolen Lands of the South Branch Exovedes,

Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Turdeau - floodgates of immigration - Third World multicultural global village - Montréal Jewish constituency - his "mini-me" son Prime Minister Justin Turdeau - inevitable Jihadistic-Islamic Unholy Civil Race War - Khazarian-mafia banksters - terrorist state Israel and the Vatican and their quisling Illuminatist NWO puppets

North America will follow Europe whence the collapse of Western Civilization is engineered by the Black Pope, the Crown, the Judaic European Union and United Nations

unwanted parasites like so much stinking flotsam and jetsam
veterans rolling in their graves

dreadful herald of doom and destruction
death throes
Canadian Identity

Alexander the Great and the Gordian knot

Cromwell and Napoléon

we are slaves to the greed of gold

Niccolò Machiavelli

Cernunnos-carnu\u0101tusson of three fathers, called Herne the Hunter, is our God - the God of the average Iron Age Gaulish/Thracian Hyperborean man - of the lineage of Mannus son of Ask and Embla - sitting cross-legged, wearing antlers on his helmet, in our Paradisiacal wild woodland awaiting us to return to him

ram-horned serpent

Atlantean race
White Cro-Magnon European heritage

an era of climate change caused by/causing the northern glacial ice sheets

power, magic and fertility descended from the Seven Daughters of Eve
Toltecs / Olmecs / Aztecs / Mayans
Solutrean First Nations aboriginal tribes, such as the half-tribe Xenia
Clovis flint-knapping technologies
Bearing Strait land-bridge:
6th century Buddhist monk Hoei-Shin

Sovereign Canadian Patriotism
subliminal Ultræsque Monarchist mind-washing-
degenerate LGBTI gender-neutrality
a vaccinated / RFID chipped future of Spartan dependency upon the State
kapos and sonderkommandos
Khazarian-mafia banksters
plutocratic NWO neo-con ZOG-puppets

Word of God-not inferring Yahweh or Allah or Jesus

Laws of Nature

European Union (EU)
Unholy Civil Race War
Great White Hope
sacred "blood-drop" and "swastika"
a greater nationalistic goal of racial purity

Jewish Black African slave trade
White human cargo
Jewish drug trade
Opium Wars over a century ago - or the cocaine trade
Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush
homosexuaeleftists Obuma and Turdeau
peccarious incorporate capitalists and imperialistic bourgeoiswine

Table Round - Wounded Fisher King - Spear of Destiny.

Dark Ages
Orangist Dutch East Indies Co.
British East and West Indies Companies
Irish slave trade by the Jews
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
Russian Revolution - murder of Rasputin and the Holy Romanov family
After the Jews funded WW1 they started WW2 - terrorist state of Israel

White genocide
war of extermination
mind-numbing Zio-media
central banks and infernal revenue agencies

our potential as Canadians and the new crusade against the Zionist Caliphate

whore-mongering dogs of war: the Pope, the Queen, the EU, presidents and prime ministers of Europe and North America, and of course their tools of oppression: MOSSAD, the CIA, Interpol, NATO, and the United Nations, for examples, but not excluding ISIS / ISIL, al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood

tsunamigration crisis
Bush Wars in the Middle East.

Black Lives Matter movement - a genocidical assault against our race - orchestrated by the ZOG of the criminal cabalists of the NWO

CIA and MOSSAD created-and-funded ISIL

Most Common Surnames in Canada

Visible Minority Percentage of Population

Basic Demographics of the Canadian Jewish Community

"White Niggers of North America"
Pip Argot

Multiculturalism - Trojan Horse
FLQ philosopher Pierre Vallières

Dawning of the Day of the Rope

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