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5 Apps Like Gimp – Best Alternatives

Gimp is a feature-pack photo editing tool with loads of extras any edit would love to have. This editing app is so great that some people prefer it over Adobe Photoshop. However, everyone has different tastes and preferences in their editing workflow. The lack of seamless workflow in Gimp makes some users go for its alternatives. Before we dive into the apps like gimp, let us give you what Gimp can do.


Gimp offers multiple image editing tools, including retouching, composition, and authoring. Moreover, this app can be something simple like a paint program. There are high-quality export options for posting on various social platforms. In addition, you can also do image rendering and change the formats of images. Vector graphics are also a good grasp for Gimp. You can edit and create vectors to make amazing diagrams, charts, and logos. 

When it comes to versatility, Gimp is a good choice. It has complex vector graphic tools and simple image editing. As a result, novice and expert-level editors can use this app without issues. For starters, Gimp has all the basic painting tools like a brush, airbrush, pencil, etc. After that, there is a sub-pixel sampling and blend tool that are very useful. Gimp also has a full alpha channel and layers support. Other features of Gimp are text layers, crop tools, custom brushes, and adding text to images.

Gimp is compatible with all operating systems which are common and popular. It is developed to be used in any platform such as Windows, macOS, Solaris, and Linux. This app is freely available on OffiDocs where you can use the app directly from your web browser. Filters are a strong point of Gimp, and they can give a completely new look to your image. You can access them by going to the Gimp Filter menu. After that, you will see a range of filters like blur, distorts, edge detection, Artistic, etc.  Above all, Gimp supports many file formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, etc. 

Gimp has tons of tools that may be hard to grasp by some editors. As a result, they look for apps like Gimp that are not too complex. In this guide, We’ll take a look at some of the Best GIMP alternatives you can get today. 

Apps like Gimp

5 Best GIMP alternatives

Gimp is an open-source app that has image authoring and graphic design tools. On top of that, it is a complete photo editing app with features like retouching/draw in free form. It works very well for basic editing but is not the best option for a standalone online editor. As a result, we have curated the ultimate list of GIMP alternatives that you can use instead. Here are five amazing alternatives to GIMP.

  1. Pixelied

Pixelied is online editing software that is a true app like gimp, according to many. This app offers a wide range of image and graphic editing tools that are very useful. As a result, you can professionally edit pictures without compromising on quality. Moreover, there are custom designs where you can create art from scratch. With additional stock photos and templates with third-party integration, pixel leads our list in terms of the overall package.

Beginners who try Pixelied will go through a minimum learning curve. This is due to its basic and simple user interface that is self-explanatory. In other words, all the tools and options are in a suitable place, making them easy to understand. As a result, new users can start editing complex pieces immediately. 

The simple layout of Pixelied makes everything within each. As a result, your projects are highly tailored. In addition, there are blending modes, templates, and presets that you can implement to your projects directly. 

  1. Krita

When it comes to creating 2D art and illustrations, Krita is an amazing choice. It is open-source and free editing software that you can use instead of Gimp. It is basically a raster graphics editor with amazing custom designs and painting tools. After that, this app also comes with easy-to-use creation tools. Moreover, Krita is also compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Although this app is only useful for 2D creations and paintings, you cannot deny the fact that it’s free. For that reason, it is an amazing painting app for illustrators.

  1. PicMonkey

There are many apps like GIMP since thousands of editing apps are available on the internet. However, PicMonkey is one of the closest apps that work and behave like GIMP. One of the reasons behind that is that PicMonkey also has a wide range of photo-manipulating tools. Moreover, all the features available in PicMOney are pro-level.

PicMoney is not free to use, and there is no free version as well. However, you can get a free trial if you sign up on PicMonkey. It has many useful tools that can create great-quality results. If you are willing to pay for the app, definitely go for it.

  1. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is another amazing photo editing tool that is equal to industry-leading platforms. It has robust manipulation tools to curate your images. If you are somewhat on a professional level, you can try this app and easily get the tools you want. 

Affinity Photo is a great alternative to GIMP, however, the interface could be complicated for some. However, the app provides a tutorial you can watch to familiarise yourself. Affinity Photo targets iPad users due to hardware compatibility and the iPad being good for editors. 

  1. Polarr

Polarr is a quite popular editing app in the android community. The app is perfectly optimized for mobile users with a clean interface. Moreover, the app is available for desktops as well.

It is built to provide useful tools that are easy to access on a mobile device. The interface matches the aspect ratio of smartphones perfectly. However, that does not mean it is unusable on PC and Mac. It is an app like GIMP with important tools but misses color grading and cloning. 


Unless you are already familiar with GIMP, you can use these GIMP alternatives to take your editing workflow with a different approach. For some users, it can be an even better experience. Pixelied is our choice of the best alternative because it packs amazing features. However, it all comes down to personal preference, and you can go for anything that suits you the most. 

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