Original Soundtracks

Tips for creating Original Soundtracks

Any musician can be original, and it is not hard to become one. The main hurdle about being original is that audience must like your originality. Nowadays, fresh ideas come from what has already been made. Some may think that doing it is copying and not original. However, many popular artists do this on a regular basis and make the world dance with their original music. 

How to make original music?

It can be hard to come up with original ideas if you are a musician or an aspiring musician. There is indeed nothing new under the sun. However, being restricted to this phrase can block you further from getting ideas. To come up with original ideas, you must look back at what’s already been created. In addition, not being creative at times is part of the process. However, if you give yourself adequate time to ponder, then surely you can make original hits.

Originality often comes across as something that does not have anything new. However, there is a secret of fresh ideas lies within it. Many artists often combine old elements with new ones to come up with original ideas. As a result, the music feels original while also familiar enough to be great. Artists like JS Bach, Beethoven, and Miles Davis follow this approach for many of their crafts. 

Original Soundtracks

3 Tips to create original music soundtracks

Check out these tips to become aware of your musical mind and create mesmerizing tunes. Creating soundtracks is all about becoming creative and experimental. So approach creating music with an open mindset, and you will learn a lot. 

  1. Be True to Yourself

At first glance, it may not seem difficult to be true to yourself. However, it is often the worse enemy of many musicians. Many artists get influenced by new trends that they forget, to be honest with themselves. You have to be vulnerable to understand what inspires you. Inspirations can come from odd places, but they are still an inspiration. Do not neglect any form of inspiration and embrace the oddities. 

For instance, Charlie “Bird” Parker used to walk around with The Rite of Springs by Stravinsky. As a result, he came up with ideas by getting inspiration from unfamiliar places. You can also dig deeper into your favorite music platforms and search for odd playlists. You might find something oddly inspiring that sparks the idea for original soundtracks.

  1. Study your Idol

Everyone likes to listen to music, and almost everyone also has their favorite artists or artist. This is particularly true for aspiring musicians. Learning how music influencers work can become beneficial for you. Moreover, you can come up with amazing ideas with our own unique touch. For instance, look at how your favorite artist works on youtube and other sites. After that, you will find how take gets inspiration from random things and places.

Watching a documentary or behind the scenes of your idol can help you start to wring original soundtracks. For instance, William studies the music of Richard Wagner and begins to utilize leitmotif. Similarly, there are many artists who follow the pathway of their idols to know what to create.

  1. Learn from your Mistakes

Learning from trial and error is one of the most effective ways to come up with new ideas. You can play various instruments and be creative to generate amazing melodies. For instance, while you are playing the keyboard, you could accidentally play notes that sound good. You can build up your composition and utilize the rest of the notes. Hopefully, you make a beautiful chord progression that is fresh.

This is how many artists have created their music since the start of time. Start playing instruments and record everything you play. Using a digital audio workstation is where you get plenty of plugins to play around with different sounds. Moreover, you have a full-fledged interface to test your ideas. 

LLM by OffiDocs is one such platform where you get a robust DAW experience. You have many synthesizers and sampling options to create soundtracks. On top of that, you can mix and master your sound using its FX mixer. It is a perfect beginner DAW where you can learn how to create mistakes. More importantly, you will be able to test out ideas and make corrections from your mistakes. 


You must know that original ideas occur randomly, and you must be patient with them. However, this does not mean that you just lie on your bed all day. To come up with original ideas, you must take action. Feel free to use these tips to set your mindset on the right track. Don’t be afraid to be experimental with them. 

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