5 Best Free Online Photo Editors for Your Office Needs

Offices of all sizes can now enjoy free online photo editors that are simple to use and have a wide range of features. Whether you’re looking to touch up a photo for your website, develop a real estate brochure design, or create an eye-catching graphic for your next marketing campaign, these online tools have you covered. Best of all, they’re easy to access and require no downloads or installation. So why wait? Start exploring the many options available today!

5 Best Free Online Photo Editors

Editing office photos doesn’t just revolve around re-touching the photos or fixing the blemishes, there are many other tasks that you might have to consider. For instance, you might have to create logos or simply design vector images to use in brochures. Or maybe you are just looking to design professional business cards. Therefore, we have considered all these aspects while compiling our list of the top 5 free online photo editing tools to make things easy. Now without further ado, let’s take a look at them.

1. Inkscape

Software Inkscape Image

The top choice for free online photo editing software is Inkscape which is a very famous vector graphics editor for illustrations, diagrams, line art, charts, logos, and complex paintings.

This amazing software is one of the best free photo editors that are available today. Moreover, the best part is that it shares the capabilities of Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. You can download this software online easily. However, If you do not wish to download the software, OffiDocs allows you to use the software online. That keeps you safe from the hustle and fulfills your office needs.


  • Simple Interface
  • Comprehensive Feature Set
  • Various File Formats
  • Easily converts to/from Raster Graphics
  • Designed to be Extensible


  • Doesn’t support multiple Artboard Export
  • Learning Curve is Steep

2. Gimp

Gimp free online photo editing tool to touch up your images

The second option on this list of free online photo editors is Gimp. Gimp can help you with image composition, photo retouching, and image authoring. Moreover, this powerful tool also helps users to create and edit vector graphics. With Gimp you can create illustrations, diagrams, line arts, logos, complex drawings, and charts.

Thus, It is totally up to you to use Gimp as a simple photo editor or complex vector design. Gimp has developed to do both! You can download Gimp from their official website or can use it online for free via OffiDocs, as per your ease.


  • A suite of Painting Tools
  • Unlimited Redo/Undo Option
  • Powerful Blending Tool
  • Supports Custom Patterns


  • Limited Third-Party Plugins
  • Does perform well for big images with multiple layers

3. Scribus

Scribus online photo editor for free logo image

Here the third on the list is Scribus. It is a very fun tool to use. Scribus let you design posters, newsletters, calendars, brochures, and magazines. This amazing tool also allows you to create interactive PDF presentations. Basically, this software fulfills all your graphics-related office needs. Scribus is a free tool and you can download it easily. If you wish to try the software without downloading then you can use it online on OffiDcos.


  • Animated and Interactive PDF Presentations
  • Vector Designs can be imported and Edited
  • Supports bitmap formats including TIFF, JEPG, etc
  • Available templates for brochures, newspapers, business cards, etc
  • Professionals use it


  • Lacks the “spell check” option
  • Requires Learning before usage

4. XPaint

Xpaint free online photo editor with offidocs

The fourth free online photo editor on our list is XPaint. This tool allows editing multiple images simultaneously. Moreover, this online photo editor supports many different formats such as XBM, TIFF, JPEF, and PPM.

Furthermore, advanced Image manipulations can also be done with Xpaint. That includes, image zooming, resizing, filters, color modification, color palette, and set of patterns. In addition to that, XPaint also offers multiple toolbox areas for user’s convenience. You can use it online on OffiDocs for free.


  • Can be used without a License
  • Plenty of Toolbox Areas
  • Safe to use
  • Allows Advance Image Manipulation
  • Supports multiple formats for images


  • Cannot be used on all machines, especially the latest ones
  • Fewer Tutorials available on the Internet

5. OpenOffice

Open Office Online Photo Editor Icon

This photo editing tool was initially released on 1st May 2002. Now it is a discontinued office suite but people still use it because of its interactive interface. It is one of the best online photo editors which people prefer even in 2022 as this open-source software has a lot to offer.

The current Apache OpenOffice can run on Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows 10. You can use OpenOffice online on OffiDocs or download its Apache online through Open Office Org.


  • Cross-Platform
  • Friendly User Interface
  • File Compatibility
  • 3D Controller
  • Smart Connectors


  • Discontinued
  • Can be used on Limited Machines


It is always better to test the software before downloading it. That’s why OffiDocs allows its users to use these tools online for free. It would save you time and effort in downloading and setting up the photo editors.

We hope you found this article useful. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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