Learn Excel Online For Free

Can I Learn Excel Online For Free?

Have you ever wondered if you could study Excel for free online? Young people who genuinely want to study Excel but lack the funds to do so online have been concerned about this subject.

In this article, you will find the response to the question you were hoping to find. What is Excel before?

Excel: What is it? (Describe)

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that helps gather, analyze, and present both qualitative and quantitative data. You can use these spreadsheets to create lists and simple computations.

However, thanks to its built-in capabilities, users can enter a variety of formulas that can be applied to sophisticated analysis. An Excel spreadsheet contains individual data points in each cell. Professionals can discover links between distinct data pieces with the aid of numerous formulas.

For data modeling, statistics, and financial calculations, Excel can help to retrieve data from external databases.

Easy Advice and Tips for Learning Excel

You don’t need to wonder anymore that “Can I Learn Excel Online For Free?” A way to quickly learn Excel is provided below:

To discover relationships between data, create pivot tables.

  • Enter formulas that span rows, columns, and cells.
  • Perform a VLOOKUP across all columns.
  • Use accounting software to monitor your company’s finances.
  • Rearrange columns and rows, and group and ungroup them.
  • Use data validation to regulate how cell values are formatted.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly alter the values of cells.
  • From the data in your spreadsheet, create charts.
  • From the charts you make, construct histograms of the data.
  • Build dashboards to handle various performance data groupings.
  • Include conditional formatting in rows and columns that satisfy specific requirements.
  • To present your Excel spreadsheet to others, print it.

Free Excel Tutorials Online

Check out the free resources listed below. Make a note of your preferences so you can work in Excel more effectively.

1. GoSkills & HubSpot Academy Excel for Marketers Course

Improve your Excel proficiency with our free Excel for Marketers training from GoSkills and HubSpot Academy. You will quickly catch up with Excel’s most popular formulae, functions, and shortcuts by following the tutorials.

The general course material is ideal for anyone who needs a refresher in Excel fundamentals because you can use it in any setting, including marketing.

You’ll have mastered time-saving tricks to streamline your workflow at the end of the course. Then you’ll receive a gleaming Certificate of Achievement in recognition of your accomplishments.

2. Microsoft’s Excel for Windows Training

Why not start at the beginning while learning a new application? After all, Microsoft employees are the experts when it comes to Excel.

They actually did a really good job of putting together one central centre of resources for all Microsoft Office programs and services. Numerous free videos covering the most recent version of Excel are available in the Excel training, and they are structured into useful learning modules.

3. HubSpot Excel Resources

We at HubSpot have produced some of our own training content about Excel. However, this is because it’s one of the most in-demand skills for data-driven marketers, and because we want marketers like you to thrive.

We try to cover a wide range of Excel-related topics, from free publications to templates to video lectures.

4. Excel Exposure

Regardless of your level of expertise, Excel Exposure is a free series of written and video-based courses that will assist you in learning Excel.

There are approximately 40 lessons total, each lasting no more than 20 minutes and divided into “Beginner,” “Intermediate,” and “Advanced” levels.

Excel Exposure also provides a “Master Workbook” that is housed inside of Excel to assist you to put what you learn in each course into practice in addition to this a-la-carte program.

Data and time functions, applying conditional formatting, PivotTables, designing charts, and more are among the lessons.

5. The Spreadsheet Page

This is a pretty well-organized website that is packed with Excel advice compiled by a professional by the name of John Walkenbach.

He has authored more than 60 Excel books for users of all skill levels over the past 30 years. Also, he has close to 300 articles and reviews for publications including InfoWorld, PC World, and PC/Computing.

He once contributed to PC World’s monthly spreadsheet feature. In other words, the man is knowledgeable and adept at communicating it.

The Excel Tips option on his website, which contains a large number of helpful hints on formatting, formulae, charts and graphics, and printing, is arguably the most beneficial section.

Working with fractions, separating a pivot table from its source data, and frequently asked questions about spreadsheet protection are all covered in the actual tips.

Another really useful area of Walkenbach’s website is the Downloads tab, where he has added unrestricted, cost-free download links for documents he made, such as free Excel workbooks and add-ins.

One Excel worksheet that provides instances of custom number formats is available for download; you may experiment with it, modify it as you see fit, and become familiar with it without having to start from the beginning.

6. Contextures

Contextures offers free Excel help in the form of brief tips, blog pieces, a newsletter, and even.zip files that you can download to see how different functions operate in the context of actual tables of data.

Using this tool, you may download literally hundreds of Excel-compatible spreadsheets that show you step-by-step how to do data validation, add filters to rows and columns, add conditional formatting to rows and columns, design charts, make PivotTables, execute functions, and more.

7. Chandoo.org

The founder of Chandoo.org, Purna “Chandoo” Duggirala, claims that his sole objective is “to make you excellent at Excel and charting.”

More than 450 articles and lessons on using Excel and creating better charts are now available on his blog, which he launched in 2007. He created the blog as a community, emphasizing traits like simplicity, humility, and passion.

Additionally, he aims to turn it into a useful tool for those for whom English is not their first language.

The majority of his advice comes from forums, where anybody can respond to queries posted by users regarding Excel’s formulae, formatting, shortcuts, pivot tables, and other features. Chandoo then produces articles and tutorials using some of the more beneficial forum questions.

8. MrExcel.com

Here is a tool that connects Excel specialists with us common folk. The interactive message board on MrExcel.com, which its community of Excel experts regularly monitor, is the website’s claim to fame.

The message board is in sections for different topics, such as general announcements, queries, and MrExcel.com products.

A member of the MrExcel.com expert community will respond with an answer when a user posts a query. The inquiries range from how to handle urgent problems to how to streamline an Excel operation.

9. Exceljet

You may customize your Excel training based on the project you’re working on thanks to Exceljet’s hundreds of free formula walk-throughs, videos, and blog pieces.

Additionally, it offers a number of premium programs that delve deeper into particular Excel topics that more than 10,000 members, who utilize it, are interested in.

10. EdX Excel Courses

For those seeking a more formal course rather than a one-time instruction, here is a cost-effective choice: A nonprofit organization called EdX offers free education to people all around the world. It has a unique approach to Excel training sessions that includes both timed and self-paced options.

Users who enroll in courses identified as “Verified” have the option to pay a fee in exchange for a certificate that is signed by the instructor and bears the logo of the institution, which will serve as proof of completion and improve career prospects.

If you don’t mind forgoing the certificate, you can take the courses for free because those costs are utilized to pay for them.

On the other hand, some “Professional Education” level courses are offered and require a charge. One illustration is the $149 Business and Data Analysis Skills course.

Each edX course provides ratings (rated from one to five stars) and details about its length and level of difficulty, typically expressed in weekly hours. Along with video transcripts, there are details on the degree of knowledge necessary.


Are you prepared to begin? You’ll be using Excel with little to no effort in no time with the help of these tools. Additionally, practice makes perfect, which is why there are so many courses with different skill levels available.

Start out small, and as you use additional commands and functions, you may build on your knowledge and use Excel’s power for your projects.

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