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Tutorialize in Chrome with OffiDocs

Tutorialize  screen for extension Chrome web store in OffiDocs Chromium

Tutorialize Chrome web store extension



Run the Chrome online web store extension Tutorialize using OffiDocs Chromium online.

Tutorialize allows you to easily build and maintain interactive tutorial guides on your website.

This extension allows you to select the elements you wish to highlight by simply clicking on them.

Make sure to create an account on https://tutorialize.

me Start now for a FREE 20 Day trial - no credit card required 4.3.4 ------ Fix bug with clearfix 4.3.3 ----- fix bug with reordering tooltips 4.3.2 ----- Fixed some weird CSS issues 4.3.1 ------ update some foundation styles 4.3.0 ------- New styles! 4.2.11 ------- add Swedish 4.2.10 ------ Added tutorialize icons 4.2.9 ----- Added Dutch 4.2.8 ----- small cleanup 4.2.7 ----- This change includes a new ability to change the level of strictness of the element target selectors that Tutorialize generates for you when reattaching tooltips and adding page actions.

In addition the default selector is now the least strict.

4.2.6 ---- Add Chinese (simplified) 4.2.5 ---- upgrade to jquery 1.11.1 4.2.4 ----- modified page action behavior so that dynamic clicks no longer set last index 4.2.3 ----- Blacklist LuckyOrange id's 4.2.2 ----- Added Finnish 4.2.1 ----- Added spotlight per tooltip option 4.2.0 ------ This version of the extension adds the ability to manually change the page action selectors for tooltips.

In addition it allows you to explicitly select whether the action will reload the page or cause a dynamic change.

This will greatly help when dealing with form submits, redirects, refreshes, and dynamically changing elements.

4.1.30 ------ inspector now escapes bad characters in class and id attributes 4.1.29 ------ Fix issue with deleting a tutorial Fix issue with dialog box showing up everytime you're trying to navigate away from the page 4.1.28 ------ Fix bug with jQuery UI draggable CHANGES 4.1.27 -------------- Tooltips can now be optionally skipped.

CHANGES 4.1.26 -------------- Add ability to delete tutorials from tutorial list view CHANGES 4.1.24 -------------- Added wildcard pattern to Helper widget settings CHANGES 4.1.23 -------------- bug fixes CHANGES 4.1.22 -------------- bug fixes CHANGES 4.1.21 -------------- minor german translation change CHANGES 4.1.20 -------------- Added German translations CHANGES 4.1.19 -------------- added ability to clone tutorials CHANGES 4.1.18 -------------- bug fix CHANGES 4.1.17 -------------- Page actions now work with javascript clicks CHANGES 4.1.16 -------------- You can now create tooltips that are placed near the center of the screen! CHANGES 4.1.15 -------------- minor bug fix CHANGES 4.1.14 -------------- Added beta version of the Tutorialize Need Help? Widget CHANGES 4.1.13 -------------- tutorials will now in the order in which they were triggered CHANGES 4.1.12 -------------- Spotlight now works on IE > 8 Fixed issue with tooltip arrows in Firefox CHANGES 4.1.11 -------------- enter no lo longer applies changes CHANGES 4.1.10 -------------- bug fix for jquery draggable on toolbox, enter key now applies tooltip changes, reduced width of toolbox tooltip list item CHANGES 4.1.9 ------------- Added previousLink and previousBtn to template helpers CHANGES 4.1.8 ------------- Additional language support CHANGES 4.1.7 ------------- Added support for Hebrew CHANGES 4.1.6 ------------- Added support for Portuguese

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Tutorialize web extension integrated with the OffiDocs Chromium online

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