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Language Learning with Amazon Prime (LLA, beta) - The ONLY Google chrome extension for language learning with Amazon **************** HOW TO USE THE EXTENSION **************** 1-After installation, go to any Amazon Prime videos 2-Only for the first time, REFRESH the page so that the extension load 3-Now enjoy foreign movies and language learning *********** This Google Chrome extension is in Beta version which means that it works but needs more work therefore, Install only if you would like to be ahead of other users and can accept products that are not finished ;) ************************* ************************** ★ DUAL SUBTITLES -With this free extension you can simultaneously compare each sentence with your native language.

We added even a third subtitle for you! ★ ON-PAGE MEANING OF WORDS (DONE) -Quickly get the meaning of any word on the subtitle and learn them in the context.

No need to leave the movie to type and waste your time in dictionaries.

★ SMART AUTO-PAUSE (DONE) - Don't miss interesting moments of a movie when you don't know the vocabulary, just hover the mouse on that word, we will hold the movie for you and play it when you move the mouse :) ★ SAVE WORDS and SENTENCES (DONE) -Keep the movie's catchy phrases and vocabularies with yourself, show them off to your friends later ;) - Your saved words will be highlighted in subtitles so that you learn them faster (Coming Soon) ************************* ************************** The Google Chrome extension is in Beta version which means that it works but needs more work Install only if you would like to be ahead of other users ;) ★★★★★★★★★★ See what is coming next★★★★★★★★★★ ★ HANDY SHORTCUTS (Coming Soon) - These shortcuts make your life a lot easier for watching and learning on Netflix.

You can find all of them in the setting of the extension ★ UPLOAD SUBTITLES (Coming Soon) -Now you can watch any movie on Netflix with dual subtitles in your native language, even those without subtitles( For premium users) ★ DOWNLOAD SUBTITLES (Coming Soon) - You want to review the dialogues of a movie? now you can download the whole subtitle for later review ★ OFFLINE REVIEW (Coming Soon) - With the ability to EXPORT words and sentences, review these interesting phrases, with no distraction, in the offline world- even with Anki - or other flashcard apps - on your android or iOS phone ★ WORD PRONUNCIATION (Coming Soon) - Increase your listening and speaking skills with the correct pronunciation of any words in the movie ★ SAVE PHRASES - Coming Soon - Don't like to save a full, meaningless sentence? Just edit the sentence and keep the interesting part of it (For premium users) ★ USER-FRIENDLY • Customizable • Easy to install and use • Ad-free ★ ★★★★★COMING SOON★★★★★ ★: - Language Learning with Amazon Prime----DONE - Lots of shortcuts ----Coming Soon - Upload your own subtitles for Netflix movies (paid feature)-- Coming Soon - Downloading and Printing subtitles---- Coming Soon - Machine translation for movies without your native subtitle (paid feature)--- Coming Soon - Easily hide subtitles with shortcuts( paid feature)--- Coming Soon - Export movies' vocabularies and sentences to learn with Anki-- Coming Soon - Custom playback speed: the ability to slow down dialogue to increase comprehension Amazon Prime --- Coming Soon - NO disturbing ads - NO need for credit card - Optional login ********************** ********************** ********************** Be the first to install and enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary way of language learning with Amazon Prime movies - Install for FREE and start having more fun with foreign movies - This extension helps you to turn movies into an enjoyable personal language course! - No more dictionaries, you can just hover over a word and get the meaning right away, you can also keep the words and practice them later - Fast fluency by learning from native speakers - Master any language without any boring book or language class ************************* ************************** ★ QUESTIONS, FEEDBACK: Language learning with Amazon extension is very new, and still in development.

Please help us by sending a little e-mail if you see crashes, bugs or just want to say Hi

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