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#fastset For Social Media  screen for extension Chrome web store in OffiDocs Chromium



Using this extension on supported social media, you can: ‎☆ create, maintain and use a catalog of posts, comments, users, groups and other content that interest you, ‎☆ organize records in a catalog using a thematic hierarchical list of sections, ‎☆ categorize them with a linear category list, ‎☆ quickly view them in the list of sections (including thumbnails of visual attachments) in order to determine the appropriateness of calling them, ‎☆ quickly call cataloged content, ‎☆ search the records you are interested in using a filter that allows you to combine many criteria with flexible logic, ‎☆ export/import a database to a file for the purpose of external storage, backup and exchange.

≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡ ABOUT #FASTSET Read about this: https://sites.


com/view/fastsetext/about ≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡ INSTALLATION Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

If tabs with supported social media are open in your browser, reload these pages after installation so that the extension acts on them.

Do not forget to first save unsaved information prepared for publication on these pages, otherwise it may be lost upon reload.

#fastset is free and does not contain restrictions on the time of use and functionality.

≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡ USING ✦ Call the context menu for the interesting post or comment and select the item "#fastset.




Or use the hotkey combination (depending on settings) [Ctrl+Right-click], [Alt+Right-click], [Shift+Right-click].

A dialog panel will be displayed.

In this panel you can: • choose what you want to register: the selected content, the author of it or the group in which it was published, • add an optional text explanatory heading, • specify the hierarchical section of the catalog where the record will be made, • assign categories to the record that characterize it.

Cataloged content will be visually tagged on social media pages.

✦ To use catalog, you need to open it in the popup window.

Records are placed in a sections hierarchy.

Record contains logo of the social media, icon representing the type of registered content, icon representing the type of visual attachment, ‎the author's name, explanatory heading, text, set of assigned categories, hashtags, etc.

✦ You can edit the text explanatory heading, delete, move and copy record, change its place in the section.

✦ If the record contains image or video you can quickly preview its thumbnail and view it in a browser tab.

✦ You can quickly search records by filtering them.

The visual filter designer allows you to logically combine filtering conditions by various criteria.

✦ You can form a hierarchical structure of the catalog and a set of categories in accordance with your preferences by customizing the corresponding lists.

✦ Using the file functions you can export/import the database to/from a file for storage, backup, study, and other purposes at your discretion.

✦ The settings are simple and are performed in a popup window.

You can assign functions for calling through the context menu and hotkey combination.

Also you can view statistics of the database filling.

✦ The extension has an internal user's manual; call it from the popup window with the button (?), or read our site.

≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡ PERMISSIONS REQUESTED • The "Context Menus" permission to allow you call the registration panel with the browser context menu.

• The "Storage" permission for the safe storage of operational data in the local storage.

• The host permissions <*.


com/*>, <*.


com/*>, <*.


com/*>, <*.


com/*> to run on the handled websites.

The extension does not read or change your data on these sites, except in accordance with its purpose, as described above.

See privacy policy for more details: https://sites.


com/view/fastban/privacy-policy ≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡ ACTUAL VERSION ver.

3.04, December 18, 2021: * Support for Twitter format changes * Improvements to joint calls of #-extensions * UI fix

Additional Information:

- Offered by tfwbpro
- Average rating : 0 stars (hated it)
- Developer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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