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Full Edition: Try our free edition before you purchase.

Try Spirit Masters on android search us up.

(Try the Demo Before you buy search Spirit Masters Demo) Use the powers of Magica to torch and extinguish out of control Spirits.

As a spiritualist who has learned the ways of controlling Magica you have the ability to control dark and light magica.

Touch the screen to slash, combo, and torch spirits running amok on your screen.

Do you have what it takes to become the Spirit Master? Controls: Touch down on the screen to create a flow of Magica to torch spirits.

In various modes your flow of magica alternates within time changing from Dark to Light every couple of seconds.

Make sure to time which spirits to torch to gain a higher score.

Watch for any buffs that appear on the screen.

A yellow buff allows you to switch to Neutral Magica allowing you to swipe and torch any spirits on your screen.

A time spirit slows down the game to create a slow motion effect allowing you to torch more spirits.

Purchase various buffs from the Magica Shop to increase time or use Neutral Magica as well as earn various achievements.

Expert Modes and Boss Modes allow you to change your flow of Magica freely by using the 2 buttons at the bottom of your screen.

Light Magica: Can extinguish Nature Spirits (Green Spirits) Dark Magica: Can extinguish Flame Spirits (Red Spirits) Game Modes: -Time Mode: Torch and extinguish as many spirits as you can within the given time.

-Extinguish Mode: Torch and extinguish spirits before they reach the bottom of the screen.

A counter is shown to your left try to make sure none reach 0 -Boss Mode: Torch and extinguish spirits as well as the Fire and Nature eaters before time runs out.

Be careful as if you take too long to extinguish the eaters they will consume spirits thus lowering your score.

-Words of the Wise: Torch and Extinguish the required spirits before counter reaches 0. Complete as many quotes as possible from famous artists, inventors, actors, actresses.

Shadow Magica for light spirits and Light Magica for dark spirits.

-Expert Modes: Challenge yourself in expert modes of time and extinguish modes.

Switch between the elements of magica by pressing the buttons at the bottom of your screen and see how far you go.

Features: -Cross-Platform (Clay.

io) compatibility: Play on your android phone, ios, blackberry, pc, and on your browser.

Supported features using the Clay.

io system allows you to compete against others on any platforms via online leaderboards viewed at the end of each game mode.

-Friend-Board: Register for a clay.

io account and add your Facebook friends or clay friends to view each others scores in game.

Compete for a high score via Friend-Board which can be viewed at the end of each game mode -Achievements: Earn various achievements viewed in the main menu -Magica Shop: Use coins to purchase various buffs and achievements to use in a game mode.

Features: -No Advertisements -Extra buffs and a magica shop exclusive achievement -Expert modes of Time and Extinguish -Words of The Wise (Quotes from various famous people) -Boss Mode: Fight against the spirit eaters see how fast you can kill them against other players via leaderboard All rights reserved, Music provided by ArtisFeeling http://SampleSwap.


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