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更新日志(Update Log): - 4.2 [2021/11/30] BUG修复:leetcode前端元素结构调整,导致无法正常隐藏难度。已修复 Fix Bug: The main function doesn't work because leetcode's front-end structure adjustment.

Already Fixed that.

- 4.1 [2019/12/12] 新功能:隐藏“Similar Questions”中题目列表的难度(位于写代码界面的左侧题目卡下方) New Feature: Hide the difficulty level of 'Similar Questions' on coding page.

Thanks to the advice from a nice user, Jiradet~ - 4.0 [2019/8/19] 新功能:隐藏submit失败后显示的“最后一次输入”的用例。 @见截图5 New Feature: Hide the Last Executed Input when your submit failed.

@See 5th screenshot - 3.3 [2019/8/17] 新功能:隐藏写代码界面左下角按钮【Problems】点开后的选题界面的题目难度。@见截图4 New Feature: Hide the difficulty on the Problem Picker Page when u click on the 'Problems' button at the left bottom of the coding page.

@See the 4th Screenshot - 3.2 [2019/8/11] BUG修复:leetcode前端元素结构调整,导致无法正常隐藏难度。已修复 Fix Bug: The main function doesn't work because leetcode's front-end structure adjustment.

Already Fixed that.

- 3.0 [2019/7/30] 新功能:隐藏contest的题目难度 New Feature: Hide the difficulty of sub-pages of contest - 2.1 [2019/7/24] 新功能:submit成功后,会在提交界面显示题目难度,并隐藏推荐题目列表的难度。@见截图3 New Feature: After your success, it will show u the difficulty just on the submission tab page, and hide the difficulty of recommended next challenges.

@See the 3rd Screenshot <简介> (English Version is Below) 这款插件主要用来帮助您在leetcode隐藏题目的难度和通过率、隐藏提交失败后平台提示的最后一次输入的测试用例。用起来很简单~(目前不支持leetcode-cn网站)。后面的需求是有朋友提出来的,觉得fail之后应该先主动思考代码逻辑本身哪里出现了问题,是不是没考虑边界情况等,平台直接显示的Last Executed Input会使人懒得去严谨的思考。 特点: 1.隐藏“编程界面”和“题目列表界面”的题目难度。@见截图1&2&4 2.submit后,如果成功会显示题目难度,并隐藏推荐的题目列表的难度。@见截图3 3.submit后,如果失败,可以隐藏leetcode显示的“Last Executed Input”测试用例。@见截图5 为什么需要它: 写这个插件主要是因为自己刷题的时候,如果碰到了hard的题,还没开始看题目内心就已经形成了无形的压力,甚至如果时间不是很充裕就会换一道题,这些赤裸裸的心理暗示对刷题的状态和实力的发挥都有很大影响,而且实际的机试/比赛都是看不到难度的,因此萌生了写一个插件隐藏难度和通过率的念头。 另外在chrome store搜了一下功能类似的插件,试用了几个后,发现有的插件在跳转到写代码那个界面的时候,题目难度的隐藏有延迟,就是会短暂的看到一小下题目难度,这就有点难受了,本插件进行了小小的优化,基本没有这个问题。 大家一起快乐刷题呀!~ Intro: This extension mainly helps you hide leetcode's difficulty, acceptance and the last executed input.

Easy to use~ The second require came from a friend, who thought that after submission failure it's important for us to review our codes, and think about what's wrong with it, in which cases it will fail, instead of looking at the failed Input directly and fix our codes, which can make us lazy.

Features: 1.Hide the Difficulty and Acceptance on ProblemSet Page and the coding Page.

@See the 1st&2nd&4th screenshot 2. After submitting, if you got a 'Success', you would see the difficulty below it.

And the difficulty of recommended next challenges would be hidden.

@See the 3rd screenshot 3. After submitting, if you failed, it can hide the 'Last Executed Input'.

@See the 5th screenshot Why You Need This: I wrote this because when I was coding on leetcode, if I encountered 'Hard' problems, I became nervous even before I read the problems' description, and thought I couldn't make it, perhaps even chose another problem to solve.

This strong psychological hint has a great influence on me,and we can't see the difficulty in a real programming test,so the idea of ​​writing a extension to hide difficulty and acceptance has arisen.

In addition, I searched the extensions in the Chrome Store for similar functions.

I tried several of them, found that using some of them, there was a delay in hiding the difficulty when it jumped to the interface for coding, which means that I can see the difficulty for a short time before it's hided.

This is a liitle bit awkward.

This extension has been slightly optimized and basically has no such problem.

Let's write codes on leetcode~!

Additional Information:

- Offered by disinuo
- Average rating : 4.2 stars (liked it)
- Developer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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