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Faster Answers for Cloud-Native Questions Instant recommendations from communities and trusted content as you view forum posts.

-------- The Peritus Assistant for Chrome is free forever for individual users.

NO LOGIN REQUIRED! By installing this extension, you agree to Peritus Terms and Conditions (www.


ai/termsofservice) and acknowledge that you have read Peritus' Privacy Policy.

-------- Developers spend hours on community forums looking for answers from experts they trust.

But typically only 20% of posts are ever answered and responses are quickly out of step with the latest advice from industry experts and vendors.

The Peritus Assistant provides you with instant recommendations of the best answers, content, and experts that match forum posts as you view them.

Our recommendations are continuously sourced from StackOverflow, GitHub, Slack, and vendor communities as well as all trusted published content.

We analyze the entire context of the question to concisely summarize recommendations and let you click-through to the right location within the source content.

Our mission is to help a growing community of over 6 million cloud-native developers find answers faster and post forum responses to boost their industry reputations.

-------- [Supported Community Forums] *The Peritus Assistant is currently compatible with all Chromium browsers and forums hosted on Stack Overflow, Discourse, and Lithium platforms.

* Recommendations are available for over 20 cloud-native community forums including: Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, Istio, Rancher, Harbor, Argo, OpenShift, VMware Tanzu, Google Kubernetes Engine, Azure Kubernetes Engine, Ngnix, RedHat Ansible, Consul, Elastic, MongoDB, Alteryx, Kafka, DynamoDB, Redis, Databricks, Snowflake, Cloudera, and CISCO * Users can request support for a new forum or tag via the Peritus Assistant.

-------- [Installation Tips] * On "Site Access", if you enabled Peritus Assistant with "On specific sites", add the following ** "https://*.


ai/*" (without the quotes) to permit Sign In.

** All the websites where you wish to make use of the Assistant.

* If you use an ad-blocker, please make sure to add "https://*.


com" (without quotes) to the approved list in order to submit feedback and any feature requests.

[Paid Subscriptions] * The Peritus Assistant can be used for private communities hosted on Stack Overflow Teams, Lithium, Discourse, and Slack with a paid team subscription.

Contact us for more information.

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