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Three books on charisma: tips from the worlds most charism

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Throughout human history, it has been believed that the world is divided between those who govern and those who are governed. And it is impossible to move from one category to another. Leadership is associated with an associative series: charm, image, recognition, will and much more. A significant part of these concepts is united by charisma - the word comes from antiquity, but which still worries people.

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What do you think when you hear the word "Napoleon"? Do you remember a delicious cake or a triangle? Or maybe the offensive nickname "shorty" (by the way, Napoleon was 169 cm tall)? For us, Napoleon Bonaparte - a vivid example of self-made man who became charismatic "against" poverty, unconventional appearance and distrust of his first military operations. Charisma lesson: Charisma - a breeding ground of myths, which is so pleasant to believe. After all, if you do not meet any criteria, it is easy to make him the culprit of failure. So, one of the most persistent myths is that without Hollywood appearance is impossible to become a charismatic man. Napoleon Bonaparte advises the book "Charisma. How to influence, persuade and inspire" Olivia Fox Cabain. She proves that charisma is a skill that everyone can learn, and describes the tools for its development.

Winston advises the book "Warrior politics. Why a true leader should have the charisma of a barbarian." This is a fundamental work by the American publicist Robert Kaplan, who has developed lessons for leaders and business from the classic works of philosophers, military campaigns of commanders and public speeches of politicians. In Winston Churchill: A Life, the British historian John Keegan wrote: "No other citizen of the last century of the second millennium, the worst in history, deserves more right to be called a hero of humanity than Winston Churchill.

Charisma Lesson: Robert Kaplan determined that for Churchill were important real results, not good intentions. In this case, he understood the responsibility for the attitude of the British and the part of the world that listened to him. So the Prime Minister used charisma to push through unpopular but not thoughtless decisions.

Steve Jobs advises the book, Inspiring Leader. The Team. Meanings. Energy", because the authors of the book, like a great entrepreneur, believe that success is much easier when a person is passionate about what he does and where he does it. Bonus: from the book you can learn how to please people and become a positive leader, but Jobs had problems with it.

The classic designation of charisma was given by Max Weber: "Charisma is a quality of personality that is recognized as unusual, through which a person is evaluated as gifted with superhuman or specific special forces and properties that are not available to other people. It is seen as a model."

But we are sure that it is impossible to disassemble charisma into pieces: it is the image, the abilities, the model of communication, the element of mysticism, riddles, myth. After all, the main thing is not what it consists of, but what it is needed for.

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