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Web extension to create new online Documents

Create a WORD document

You can create  documents with our app. It is a software similar to Microsoft Word online. This web extension is the integration between Chrome and the OffiDocs app LibreOffice writer.



Main features are:

- DOC documents editor to create, edit and view them when they have been written using OpenOffice Doc, LibreOffice Doc or Microsoft Word.
- Styles management with different font sizes, font colours and background colours.
- Insert and delete multiple objects: tables or images.
- Search for texts.
- Advanced find & replace functionalities with regular expressions and special characters.
- Export to PDF from documents.
- Formats supported are the standard .odt but OffiDOC can also open some formats among the list depicted in the LibreOffice official documentation:

- Microsoft Word 6.0/95/97/2000/XP (.doc)
- Microsoft Word 2007 XML (.docx)
- Microsoft WinWord 5 (.doc)
- LibreOffice ODF text document (.odt)
- OpenOffice ODF text document (.odt)
- Rich Text Format (.rtf)
- Text and CSV (.csv and .txt)