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OffiDocs team is a group of innovators dedicated to build solutions with open source software.  The main contributors of OffiDocs are:

- Miguel Rocafort, founder and sponsor. 

- Pedro Alonso, main developer.

- Robert Shaw, main system engineer.

We are also happy to receive help from friends, and we do invite to anyone to help us.  If you want to help, send us an email message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




OffiDocs is solution owned by the company SSA SL that provides a lot of free software to the community.  SSA, SL provides OffiDocs as free of charge. It will be always free of charge as SSA SL has enough funds for this project and many more. And we do this because we like it. 

SSA SL is based in Spain, Madrid, Miami St, 28027. It has provided the OffiDocs servers located in different Data Centers : Chicago, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, Toronto and LA.


UPDATE 09/03/2017:


OffiDocs has signed an agreement with Entertainment Mobile Apps, which is a team focused in developing Android applications.

OffiDocs is now the owner of Entertainment Mobile Apps, whose name will be changed to OffiDocs Mobile Apps.

Existing Entertainment Mobile Apps will be integrated in OffiDocs platform, and the new OffiDocs mobile team will be in charged of extending the current Android portfolio provided.

We are excited of opening this new area from which we will provide our cloud solutions.