how to sell excel templates online

In this blog post, you’ll be learning how to sell Excel templates online. Without a question, spreadsheets are used by practically everyone. Yes, almost everyone, I mean that! It might already be a part of your regular working gear.

It might even be a crucial component of managing your business or a tool to assist you to manage your personal budget. Whatever the situation, it is always available and beneficial.

Do you realize that you can sell Excel templates online, though? Is it legal to sell spreadsheets online, you could ask?

Simple response: Yes, it is. One could venture into creating, selling, and disseminating your spreadsheets without obtaining permission from or paying royalties to Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc.

Of course, you cannot sale the software itself. However, anything you produce with it qualifies as intellectual property and is yours as a result. Want to find out how to sell Excel templates online?

If so, then be aware that specific guidelines may apply based on the location and the time the spreadsheets were prepared.

The good news is that sometimes this regulation only applies if making spreadsheets is a requirement for your employment.

The bottom line is that before you begin selling any intellectual property that you have generated during working hours, you should always remember to review your contract.

Get ready to discover how simple it is to sell Excel templates online. But first, let’s talk about your earning potential.

What Profit Potential does Selling Spreadsheets Offer?

Selling online spreadsheets and templates is a simple way to get a second income. According to statistics, Google Sheets is used each month by close to 2 billion people.

Additionally, between 750 million and 1.2 billion people use Microsoft Excel on a monthly basis. It means that there are literally billions of potential clients out there who might be waiting for you to produce a useful Excel spreadsheet or a Google Sheets template.

Here are some examples of how you can deal with daily responsibilities by using your spreadsheet prowess:

  • Manage spending and the budget.
  •  Accounting.
  • Project management.
  • Goal-tracking.
  • Complex data analysis.
  • Inventory control in warehouses and productivity monitoring

Selling Excel Templates

There are essentially two ways to begin selling excel templates online:

  • Make use of an eCommerce platform to create your own online store.
  • List them on an online marketplace like Etsy.

However, the real question is: Which one is the best at marketing spreadsheets? Let’s evaluate the two approaches and determine when each should be used.

What are the Primary Variations?

For the benefit of those who may not already be aware, Etsy is a creative marketplace with hundreds of items. I would emphasize the word “creative” explicitly because the majority of the items you’ll find there are of an artsy and crafty kind.

On Etsy, though, you can essentially sell anything you want because there are more than 4 million sellers who reach more than 80 million customers worldwide.

An all-inclusive solution known as an eCommerce platform enables you to create your own online store and maintain complete control over the selling procedure.

The meaning of “all-in-one” You can acquire all the resources you need to launch an online business by subscribing to a single service, including hosting, an online storefront, customization options, payment methods, marketing tools, technical support, etc.

One of the better examples of such a platform is Sellfy, a user-friendly service that makes it simple to create an online store for your goods (even spreadsheets) in just 10 minutes.

An all-inclusive solution known as an eCommerce platform enables you to create your own online store and maintain complete control over the selling procedure.

Online Spreadsheet Sales Procedures

The best way to start making money online is to sell digital goods like Excel spreadsheets and Good Sheets templates through an eCommerce platform.

To start selling, you only need to follow a few easy steps: make your spreadsheet, register with Sellfy to build an online store for your goods, and then market those goods to increase sales.

Let’s examine each step in more detail.

Step One: Create your Spreadsheets

An ordinary spreadsheet and one with the potential to be a bestseller differ by three factors:

  • You Have a Special Spreadsheet.
  • It solves a problem or makes your consumers’ lives easier.
  • Finally, your spreadsheet is understandable, succinct, and appropriate for the intended use.

Let’s examine what it takes to produce an effective Excel or Google spreadsheet.

1. Choose Your Focus

When it comes to data organization, your niche tools like Excel and Google Sheets are regarded as masters of all trades.

However, you need to carry out a little market research to identify your target market in order to determine whether the spreadsheet you’re planning to create will sell well.

The more specific your specialization is the better. The cause? By aiming for everyone, you can end up not aiming for anyone at all, which could hurt your sales. As a result, you must decide who the spreadsheet is for and what problem it will help you solve before you begin to create it.

The measures you can take to identify your speciality are as follows:

  • Use your personal experience as motivation.
  • Examine the marketplace.
  • Offer a resolution to the issue your target audience is facing.

2. Create a Spreadsheet

When creating a spreadsheet that you want to sell to your audience, there are a few things to keep in mind.

You must first and foremost ensure that your spreadsheet is simple to use:

  • Ensure that each highlighted input cell is selected.
  • Divided sections for easier navigation (e.g., using different colours).
  • Give columns and rows succinct names.
  • Employ constant characteristics for data.

A supplementary sheet with instructions or a “How to use” section that quickly mentions the key features and explains the functionality may also be added. You might also make a little instructional film if you’ve prepared a more complex spreadsheet.

When your spreadsheet is complete, it’s also strongly advised to include a “Disclaimer and Policy” page that could aid in defending your work from possible scammers. But we’ll get into more detail about this later.

3. A Certificate of Purchase should be made

Only if you intend to sell Google Sheet spreadsheets will you be required to take this step.

When it comes to uploading and selling Excel files, there are no issues. With Google Sheets, you only receive a link; you cannot download the file.

No cause for concern. Create a “Certificate of Purchase”—a document with a link to your Google spreadsheet—to fix this issue.

To make a “Certificate of Purchase” for your Google spreadsheet, follow these steps:

  • Click the Share option once you’ve finished creating your Google Sheet.
  • A drop-down arrow next to the Get Link section should be clicked.
  • Select “Anyone with the link” as the recipient for the file.
  • A drop-down menu with the choices “viewer,” “commenter,” and “editor” can be found to the right. In order to prevent someone from altering your master sheet, be sure to select “viewing” mode.
  •  Click the Copy link after that.
  • The tough aspect now is that you have to establish a “Copy Link manually.” Your Copy Link is created by pasting the URL into a document and replacing the word “edit” with “copy.”
  • This is necessary so that when the client accesses your file, they are required to create a copy of the spreadsheet while keeping the original unaltered.
  • Copy the URL to the Google/Word document, then paste it. Then, download it as a PDF. You will actually be selling your consumers this digital content.

Step 2: Start Offering your Spreadsheets for Sale

It is now obvious that the ideal approach for Excel specialists to sell spreadsheets online is through an eCommerce platform. And joining Sellfy is the fastest and most cost-effective option to create your own store.

This is why:

When you have a spreadsheet ready to market, you should pick a platform that is:

  • Simple to use.
  • Appropriate for selling digital goods.
  • It does not impose arbitrary fees.

Sellfy does not charge transaction fees or have any other hidden costs, in contrast to the majority of markets (like Etsy and Spreadsheetnut).

Sellfy was developed to make it easier for users to sell digital goods, which makes the platform ideal for the sale of Google or Excel spreadsheets. Additionally, you may include Sellfy in your own website or use it as a separate marketplace.

Here is how to begin offering your spreadsheets for sale using Sellfy:

1. Create a Sellfy Store in less than Ten Minutes

If you want to sell digital products like Google or Excel spreadsheets, you may choose a paid Sellfy plan or start with a 14-day free trial. Before committing to one of the paid plans, you can experiment with all of the features during the trial.

2. Put your Spreadsheets Online

Start adding items to your Sellfy store once your Excel files or purchase certificates are prepared for upload.


The process of adding digital goods to your Sellfy store is as simple as 1-2-3:

  • Find the upload option for digital products in the PRODUCTS section of your dashboard, then drag and drop the files there.
  • Set pricing, provide pictures or videos of the products, and include some details about your spreadsheets.
  • Finish by clicking the Save product button.

3. Make your Store Unique

With Sellfy, you can develop a stunning store for your business without any design expertise or technological knowledge. There are two ways to alter your store’s appearance:

The simplest solution is to use a pre-made Sellfy store theme;

Utilize the Store Customizer tool to create a design from scratch (more time-consuming).

The Sellfy theme is by far the simplest and fastest way to create a stunning store page with the least amount of work out of these two. The Customizer tool can then be used to customize the theme by adding new colours, buttons, text, fonts, photos, etc.

4. Begin Selling

Connecting payment methods to your Sellfy store is the last step before you start selling your spreadsheet.

  • Sellfy provides connections to two significant payment processors:
  • Stripe, which can be used to accept payments from any type of major credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.
  • PayPal, which can be used to receive payments from all major credit cards, local European payment methods, and PayPal accounts.
  • But the best part is that payouts won’t be delayed for you. After a consumer purchases your spreadsheet, the money will be deposited into your Stripe or PayPal account immediately!

We definitely recommend Sellfy if you’re unsure how to begin selling your spreadsheets or other Excel templates online.

Simply follow this guide and keep coming back, and you’ll soon be using your spreadsheet expertise to build a reliable passive income.

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