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LeetFlash  screen for extension Chrome web store in OffiDocs Chromium

LeetFlash Chrome web store extension



Run the Chrome online web store extension LeetFlash using OffiDocs Chromium online.

Checkout the tutorial at LeetFlash.

com --------------------------------------- 2.0 Update Below ------------------------------------------- LeetFlash 2.0 终于更新了! 现在你可以直接注册并且直接连接插件到网站上,你刷的题会实时更新到网站,之后便于你使用网站进行高效算法题复习!如果你曾经用过类似Flashcard背单词的话,LeetFlash就是专门针对刷题做的类似的功能(全自动化)。你只需要专心刷题就可以啦。 同时在插件里我也写了每天定时提醒你复习题目的功能,定点通过chrome通知你复习题目。 具体网站内容现在基本已经开发完成,搭配使用效果更加哦。你可以试一试刷题同时也打开网站,如果你已经链接好网站的话,网站也会实时收到你的刷题update。 具体的教程请前往LeetFlash.

com或者repo查看详情~ 当然,如果你只想使用extension 可以用 only extension 选项 I have updated LeetFlash to 2.0 version! Linking to LeetFlash is now working! You can link to LeetFlash.

com by putting your LeetFlash ID in the option page.

You can use the website to review your question more efficiently.

If you have used apps such as Anki, LeetFlash is a similar app for algirthm questions (with automation).

You can practice coding with higher efficiency.

I also wrote daily reminder functionalities, you can check details in option page.

Regarding the specific way to use it, check the website https://leetflash.

com, though it is currently in develop as well.

--------------------------------------- 1.0 Version Below ------------------------------------------- LeetFlash is a simple Chrome extension that allows you to track your practice performance for LeetCode problem in a daily basis.

You can have a succinct, beautiful stats popup once you click on the logo.

This extension supports both leetcode.

com and leetcode-cn.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- How to use: 1. Add this extension 2. Sign up / Login at https://leetflash.

com 4. Link to the extension in the option page 5. Find LeetFlash on the top right corner 6. Pin it! You can then view your practice history once you submit a question.

LeetFlash 是一个简单的 Chrome 扩展程序,可让您每天跟踪自己的刷题表现。单击徽标后就会弹出简洁、漂亮的统计信息。现已同步支持 leetcode.

com 和 leetcode-cn。(每天看看自己刷了多少题会不会更有动力呢) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 如何使用: 1.添加这个扩展 2.在Leetflash 注册账号并且链接 Extension 3.在右上角找到LeetFlash 4.固定在右上角!然后您就可以看到自己今天的刷题表现了~! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 特点包括: 1. 支持国际区和国区 2. 饼图无论提交多少次,同一问题只统计一次,条形图则记录所有提交次数。 3.每天记录会在午夜12:00重置。 4. 您可以手动重设今天的记录。(点击弹出窗口右上角的徽标) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy Coding ~~ 快乐刷题每一天 :)

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LeetFlash web extension integrated with the OffiDocs Chromium online

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