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Slick RSS by users in Chrome with OffiDocs

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A full featured RSS reader that's fully contained within the browser.

Full source code is still available on github.

No account is required and this extension is entirely free.

There are no trackers, tracking or advertisements.

To search feed inside page, you can use extension "Get RSS Feed URL for Slick RSS" https://chrome.


com/webstore/detail/odocamobgglamolbifdmdlhglgmkpfag V3.14 fix issue with unread and remove reload page with "mark read all" and "Open all unread" V3.13 can add feed's url from API and add option to don't mark read feed when click on link.

V3.12 improve unread count and catch error if feed's format is wrong.

V3.11 fix issue with deprecated function 's parameter in chrome to open page in background and add icon to open one feed in tab to save feed.

V3.10 add import/export for options, improve charset detect, some minor css change and fix some background errors.

V3.9 Can use summary, add icon on feed updated and fix issue when opening all feeds unread.

V3.8 fix left menu.

V3.7 speedup loading feeds, improve thumbnail search and show some feeds with less big space.

New version is finally compatible with manifest V3. Web development is not my specialty and if you want to rework design (CSS and HTML), code (javascript), translations, .



do not hesitate to do PR or start discussions on github.

Notification sound have not yet been reworked.

List of changes V3.014: - Fix issue with unread - Remove reload page with "mark read all" and "Open all unread" List of changes V3.013: - Add feed's url from API - Add option to don't mark read feed when click on link List of changes V3.012: - Catch error when feed has wrong format - Fix unread count - Clean and optimize code List of changes V3.011: - Update default options (Dark mode, enable iframe, No limit on height) - Fix background error when group exist and option "all feeds in one" is enabled - Fix issue to show group feeds - Fix issue due to new chrome change when open tab - Add icon to open one feed in tab to save feed List of changes V3.010: - Add options import/export - Fix error when background and viewer are not correct sync - Fix error when viewer ask to update feeds and viewer's tab is closed - Improve render of page that is not a feed - Improve detect charset - Some changes in css List of changes V3.009: - Add option to show summary - Show badge on feed read but updated - Fix infinite loop when use action to open all feed List of changes V3.008: - Find date for feed without date for ordering - Fix unread count in left menu - Don't create new item in left menu if already exist - Optimize update after read item - Optimize unread info on badge List of changes V3.007: - Add new way to find thumbnail - Remove long space before or after img in style - Prevent error in service worker - Show HTML page when feed in HTML - Option to show unread fixed - Add API to add feed from another extension (not tested yet) - Add option to log into console to help optimization - Optimize to fetch feeds in parallel (update speedup with a lot of feeds) List of changes V3.006: - Improve feeds reading - Improve error message - Add some feeds format - Not get description from first item in page title when feed has no description - Don't stop reading feed when error in feed - "Mark All Read" works - Fix various errors in service worker and viewer - Use feed's image in title - Fix HTML not interpreted in feed's title - Fix encoding detection if another attribute is present after attribute encoding - Add youtube media content detection : iframe must be activated to get player embedded List of changes V3.005.2: - Fix error when installing extension due to manifest and translation - Fix issue with feeds without guid.

(loading with no finish) List of changes V3.005.1: - Fix issue with feed's guid.

Misreading guid creates multiple errors - Fix an OMPL export problem - Fix error when manage to add feed (order and exclude inversed) List of changes V3.005: - Works with manifest V3 - Data stored in-browser indexedDB database.

If your browser synchronizes this database, you will find your data on other devices - As the DOM is no longer accessible, XML of feeds is converted to JSON for their interpretation - Feeds interpretation has been improved - Takes into account feeds that are not in UTF8 - Some characters coded in HTML are detected and replaced by correct character such as the € sign - Notification sound is played by a tab or window type popup depending on options - Dark mode is present and can be activated in options - You can choose font size - Read later feeds are now really stored in DB and there is no expiration.

So they are offline - Translations were made using google translate for languages ​​de, it, es and nl.

- You can go to GitHub to specify issues on feeds or for issues on translations - Some improvement fixes on OPML imports/exports - When feed is automatically redirected, a message displays the final address.

It is better to make change in settings to speed up updates of feeds - 2 new parameters are present to speed up feeds interpretations.

If feeds can't be retrieved and there is no error message, these parameters must be increased.

Otherwise, they can be reduced to speed up interpretations of feeds - In feed's management it is possible not to take into account certain feeds for display of number of unread on icon of this extension

Additional Information:

- Offered by gandfhdev
- Average rating : 4.33 stars (liked it)
- Developer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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