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Run the Chrome online web store extension Vernier Graphical Analysis using OffiDocs Chromium online.

New in release: • [PRO] Strikethrough unwanted data • [PRO] Additional functions in custom calculated columns • [PRO] Optionally display uncertainty of curve fit parameters • [PRO] Allow meters to display values for all columns • [PRO] Adjustable number of points used in derivative calculations • [PRO] Add Distribute App function • Improved Identify for Go Direct Sensors • Allow Graphical Analysis to open LabQuest .

qmbl files in addition to Instrumental Analysis .

imbl files and Spectral Analysis .

smbl files • Provide information on special update path for GDX-TMP 03F family sensors • Improved support for copy and paste to and from Excel • Correctly displays battery information for Polar Heart Rate module Graphical Analysis™ is a tool for science students to collect, graph, and analyze data from Vernier sensors.

Sensor data-collection support: • Vernier Go Direct® sensors - with Bluetooth® wireless technology and USB connectivity • Vernier Go Wireless® Heart Rate and Go Wireless Exercise Heart Rate monitors • Vernier LabQuest® sensors used with LabQuest 3, LabQuest 2, LabQuest Stream, LabQuest Mini, or Go!Link® interfaces • Vernier Go!Temp® and Go!Motion® USB sensors Additional experiment options: • Data Sharing via Wi-Fi connection to LabQuest 2 or Logger Pro® 3 • Manual Entry Note: Sensor data collection and Data Sharing require the purchase of hardware from Vernier Software & Technology.

Manual entry of data can be performed without a hardware purchase.

For more information on Data Sharing, visit http://www.


com/css Key Features - Data Collection • Multi-sensor data-collection support • Time Based, Event Based, Drop Counting, and Photogate data-collection modes • Configurable data-collection rate and duration for time-based data collection • Optional triggering of time-based data collection based on sensor value • Customizable unit display on supported sensors • Sensor calibrations • Option to zero and reverse sensor readings • Graph match feature for use with motion detectors • Manual entry of data from keyboard and clipboard Key Features - Data Analysis • Display one, two, or three graphs simultaneously • View data in a table or show a graph and table side-by-side • Draw Predictions on a graph to uncover misconceptions • Examine, interpolate/extrapolate, and select data • Use Tangent tool to show instantaneous rates of change of the data • Find area under a curve using the Integral tool • Apply Statistics calculations to find mean, min, max, and standard deviation • Perform curve fits, including linear, quadratic, natural exponent, and more • Add calculated columns based on existing data to linearize data or investigate related concepts Key Features - Collaboration and Sharing • Create text annotations and add graph titles • Export graphs and data for printing and inclusion in lab reports • Save files (.

gambl file format) to the Cloud for exchange with Graphical Analysis on other Chromebooks™, Windows® and macOS® computers, and iOS and Android™ devices • Export data in .

CSV format for analysis of data in spreadsheet software such as Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers • Adjust font sizes for easier viewing when presenting to your class Vernier Software & Technology has over 35 years of experience in providing effective learning resources for understanding experimental data in science and math classrooms.

Graphical Analysis is a part of the extensive system of sensors, interfaces, and data-collection software from Vernier for science and STEM education.

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