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MAL Enhancer in Chrome with OffiDocs

MAL Enhancer  screen for extension Chrome web store in OffiDocs Chromium



Force PC Desktop Mode Higher resolution than the default desktop mode on mobile devices.

BBCode Parser Copy any about me (classic), message, club description, or signature to BBCode.

BBCode Helper Enables an editor while writing a message, forum post, blog post, club description, or editing your profile.

New Message History Design Changes how the message history is shown.

Message drafts Saves a draft (OFFLINE) of every message you have written, but never sent.

Anime Finder Press CTRL+ENTER while writing a message, forum post, blog post, or editing your profile.

Improved Anime History (*incomplete) Shows a branching timeline of the animes you've watched.

(Find it on a profile under 'history') Anime/Manga Roulette on lists Discovery what to watch/read next.

Enable custom CSS on animelists/mangalists Disabling this will force every animelist/mangalist to use the default style.

Blacklist user's custom CSS Press the button in order to toggle this user's custom CSS.

Disable Privacy Policy Removes Privacy Policy popup.

Disable Footer Removes Footer from bottom of page.

Additional Information:

- Offered by shaggyze
- Average rating : 5 stars (loved it)
- Developer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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