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Paltalk Skin Changer in Chrome with OffiDocs

Paltalk Skin Changer  screen for extension Chrome web store in OffiDocs Chromium

Paltalk Skin Changer Chrome web store extension



Run the Chrome online web store extension Paltalk Skin Changer using OffiDocs Chromium online.

Important: This Extension is made for the Website www.



It cannot be used on other Websites or Domains! Paltalk Skin Changer is made for the Website Paltalk.


It allows you to change the Websites Theme and Logo Color.

The extension comes with a Color Picker Widget that gives you a selection of colors to choose from.

Notice: You can Download the Extension for Chrome and Firefox Web Browsers too.

Just search for "Paltalk Skin Changer" on Mozilla.

org or Opera.


=========================== How to Use the Extension? =========================== 1) To use the Extension first Install it (Of Course).

It will Install a Toolbar Button on the Top Right Corner of your Browser.

2) Click on the new Toolbar Button and a new Window will Show up (Options Page).


3) From the Options Page simply Click on the > DropDown Menu.

> Now Select a Color for the Skin.

> After you have Selected a Color it will Automatically save the Color on Selection.

4) Finally Visit the Website www.


com or Click the Button called "Launch Paltalk.

com" to visit the Webpage.

There is also a "Save Button" just incase you wanted to save the color Manually.

But it should automatically Save the color every time you change it.

=================== New Version 1.2.2 =================== - jQuery Removed.

Now Runs on Pure Javascript - Much Lighter after removal of jQuery =================== New Version 1.1.6 =================== - Additional Color Option added for the NG-Registration Page on Paltalk.

com - Complete Upgrade to WebExtensions - Additional Code Cleanup ================== Changelog v1.0.2: ================== - 20 times Ligther than befor.

- We removed all the PNG and SVG Logo files that were added and Used Locally.

Instead of using PNG or SVG files locally we created an SVG Logo Generator which now Creates Logos based on the Color Users select for the Skin.

- New Caching added to avoid RunTime.

LastErrors on accessing the (Options Page).

================== Changelog v1.0.3: ================== - Fixed CSS for Edit Photos Section - Additional Cleaining of the Code ================== Changelog v1.0.4: ================== - Separated the Dynamic and Static CSS used in the Script into Separate files in order to make the Pages and the Script Load faster.

This will also make the Review Process faster and easier on Opera.

- Fixed all CSS Typos and Errors that were captured after the scripts were moved to a separate files - Code Cleanup

Additional Information:

- Offered by China-Cheats
- Average rating : 4.25 stars (liked it)

Paltalk Skin Changer web extension integrated with the OffiDocs Chromium online

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