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The Amazon SellerApp Chrome Extension is one of the top Amazon browser extensions.

It is a handy tool for extracting useful data for your Amazon business as it gives you data in real-time.

The extension analyzes products and keywords on the Amazon page itself to give you powerful insights and compare products on the go.

Make smarter decisions with accurate and efficient Amazon data tracking and develop expert strategies as you browse.

Leverage accurate Amazon seller software to track rival products, calculate profitability, improve your listing quality, conduct in-depth Amazon product research, keyword research, and much more.

Product Analyser The Product Analyzer gives you instant product insights that help you evaluate the desirability of a particular niche.

Here’s how it works.

All you have to do is either go to the subcategory of the product you want to analyze or search for it directly on the Amazon search bar.

Once you do that, open our Chrome Extension and click on “Product Analyser”.

You will immediately be presented with essential insights into all the products in your SERP such as Category, Best Seller Rank, Buy Box, Price, Opportunity Score, Listing Quality Analysis, Estimated Daily and Monthly Sales, Estimated Daily and Monthly Revenue, Ratings, Reviews, etc.

You will also get the Average Price, Orders, Ratings, Reviews, and most importantly - Market Opportunity Score which shows you how profitable the niche is! The Opportunity Score is a unique SellerApp feature that analyzes a product according to six crucial metrics - demand, competition, overhead costs, PIS (Product Innovation Scope) Index, profit margins, and revenue potential.

Product Intelligence or Trends From the results page, if there is a product that you would like to know more about, then Product Intelligence or trends will show you the product trend graph for important insights such as Offers, Price, Rank, Revenue, and Orders.

This will help you understand whether the product you are analyzing sustains a high level of demand year-round or not.

Product Keywords The Product Keywords section shows all the keywords included in the product that you are looking at - you will get access to data such as the keywords, Keyword Relevance Score, LQI Score, and Cost Per Click.

The LQI Score gives you a comprehensive score on a scale of 1 to 10 while showing you how your listing ranks in terms of its different elements - bullet points, description, number of images used, product video, etc along with how desirable your listing is.

Accordingly, you can optimize all elements of your listing to ensure it ranks well and attracts clicks that can be turned into conversions.

For a more detailed analysis, once you track a product, the score will also take into account backend search terms, search visibility, and ASIN indexing.

Keyword Tracking Keywords are at the epicenter of the success of your listings.

The Keyword Tracking tool allows you to analyze different keywords according to key metrics so that you can narrow down the best ones to use.

You can track important changes happening to your tracked keywords to better understand their trends as well.

This section of the Chrome Extension shows you all the keywords that you are tracking for a particular product.

You can add more keywords to track by clicking on “Track keyword”.

For the keywords that you are already tracking, our chrome extension will give you insights such as Indexing Status, Indexed Products, Page Rank, Current Position, and Position Changes.

What do each of these mean? Indexing Status - This shows you whether the keyword(s) have been indexed by Amazon or not.

Indexed products - The products that are indexed by Amazon for that particular keyword.

Page Rank - Denotes which page of the Amazon SERPs that particular product keyword appears on.

Current position - Denotes the current ranking of the keyword Position changes - Denotes the change in position of the keyword over a specified time period.

FBA Calculator The FBA Calculator is a fast and easy way to determine whether the product you are checking out is actually profitable by showing you the Net Profits, Net Margin, and Return on Investment or ROI.

It’s an extremely simple tool to use as factors like Product size, Package weight, Monthly storage fee, Pick & Pack fee, Referral fee, and Est.

Daily Sales are all easily pulled up.

All you have to do is input Product Price, Product Cost, Advertising Budget, Shipping to amazon fee, and No of units.

Listing Quality Analysis (LQI) The final section is SellerApp’s LQI or Listing Quality Index score.

It analyses the quality of the product listing that you are currently looking at to give you an idea of what your competitors are doing correctly and what they are doing wrong to help you identify the gaps that you can take advantage of.

Our Listing Quality Analyzer divides listing scores into two categories - Discoverability, which includes ASIN Indexing, Shipping Method, Search Term and Search Visibility, and Desirability which analyses the Title, Images, Description, Bullet Points, Ratings, Reviews, Videos, and Q&A.

We show you a detailed score breakdown for each of these two categories so that you can ensure your own product listing will stand above the rest.

How to Install & Log In to SellerApp Chrome Extension? Installing and using the SellerApp Chrome Extension is a fairly easy process that hardly takes minutes before you can start leveraging it to take your business to the next level.

The first step is to create a SellerApp account.

Once you have on boarded with us, the next step is to install the SellerApp Chrome Extension.

For this, first open Chrome Web store.

You can do this by either clicking on the “Open Web store” in the “Extensions” section, under Chrome preferences, or, you can search “Chrome Web store” on Google.

The next step is to search for “SellerApp” in the top left corner.

Now you will be presented with three of our chrome extensions, click on “SellerApp: Supercharge Your Amazon Sales”.

Next, click on “Add to Chrome”.

Once installed, you need to pin the SellerApp Chrome Extension on the top right corner.

After that, all you have to do is click on the extension, then sign in using your email address and password.

With SellerApp’s Amazon Chrome Extension, you can conduct a deep analysis of multiple products or individual ones along the lines of FBA calculations, trends, keyword tracking, LQI, and more.

With data drawn from Amazon results on-page and on the go, this extension speeds up your product research process tenfold.

Check out SellerApp web app for a more detailed insight into the product.

Update Log: 2.6.1 -Bug Fixes -Added Table View 2.6.0 -New UI version

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