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Norsk: Denne utvidelsen er gjort kjent for ledelsen i Nordicmafia.

Det er avklart at dette ikke er en bot, men et assisterende verktøy! Relaterte spørsmål kan stilles gjennom in-game PM til 'bols'.

Release notes: v1.4 - New notification for fightclub battles.

It will notify the player after 30 sec.

See issue #49 (submitted by Casango) - New feature: The helper now auto refresh jail page when player is broken out of jail.

See issue #25 - New feature: It's now possible to see status on Auto Dusør and go to settings while in jail.

See issue #50 - New feature (needs premium timers): A custom background on all pages will show when the player is in jail and will be removed when the player is out jail, either because timer runs out or another player breaks the player out.

- Fixed bug in Blackjack Helper - Fixed an english translation which were norwegian v1.3.2 - Added helper to Blackjack Singleplayer (thanks to AvE) v1.3.1 - Made changes to a translation for better understanding v1.3 - Norwegian translations (thanks to Endtime) - New feature: In jail the bounty button that serves the player with highest reward now favorites fellow gjengmembers regardless of other players rewards.

- Fixed bug with "Utbrytning"-notification comming when players jail time runs out.

- Localization added for all pages and features - Some all around grammar fixes - Bug fix: Tried to fix user reported error with Jail Checkers that are going crazy and spamming the user.

Suspect that user uses old version of Chrome and therefore migrated some code to lower version of javascript.

(Issue #37) v1.2 - Added more obvious settings button for AutoBounty (AutoDusør), issue #24 v1.1 - New feature: In jail a new button is there which shows the player who gives the highest reward for the jailbreak.

Click on button start action to break player out.

- New feature: AutoBounty (Auto dusør) in jail with posibilities to top other players with a givent amount and set a max bounty and round bounty to nearest 5.000 - set these settings by the options page click the "Auto Dusør Aktiv/Ikke aktiv" button in jail - New feature: You'll now get a notification if someone helps you escape jail (bryt ut) - Checks every ~10 seconds - Bug fix: Tried to fix issue #11 where notifications repeats themselves - time will tell if it works.

- Bug fix: Issue #21, Clearing notification giving undefined - Bug fix: Issue #20, If no player is in jail a nullpointer is thrown when using the player with the highest bounty.

v1.0 - Desktop notification: Crime (kriminalitet) is open - Desktop notification: GTA (biltyveri) is open - Desktop notification: Blackmail (utpresning) is open - Desktop notification: When you are out of jail again To see roadmap, browse the source code, give feedback, report bugs or make suggestions to future features: https://github.



Additional Information:

- Offered by Stefan Bols
- Average rating : 5 stars (loved it)
- Developer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NordicMafia Helper web extension integrated with the OffiDocs Chromium online

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