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Start debugging code in just a click.

Add the Tenderly Debugger Extension to your browser and instantly jump into the most versatile (visual) Smart Contract debugger from any transaction hash, from any of the block explorers.

_______________________________________________________________________________ How to use Tenderly Chrome Debugger? Once you install the extension, the “View in Tenderly” button will show next to the transaction hash you want to examine.

Run the extension on any block explorer, open transactions in Tenderly, and start using the most powerful debugging tool to diagnose and resolve Smart Contract issues.

_______________________________________________________________________________ What does Tenderly Debugger do? After completing the Debugger download, you no longer have to copy-paste transaction hashes into Tenderly manually.

Instead, get a detailed overview of any transaction by simply clicking the button next to the hash.

Once in the Tenderly dashboard, use Debugger to speed up and simplify the process of debugging code.

As one of the most popular tools for debugging Solidity Smart Contracts, this feature allows you to pinpoint the error behind failed transactions, optimize code, and take steps to find potential bug or hack fixes.

With the advanced version, you can explore the additional options Debugger offers in combination with Evaluate Expression and get even more detailed information about transaction code.

_______________________________________________________________________________ How to debug Smart Contracts with Tenderly Debugger? As one of the most developer-friendly debugging tools, Tenderly Debugger enables you to instantly inspect, decode, and debug transactions in-depth from any block explorer.

You can facilitate debugging code using the following features: - Execution Trace (Call & Function Traces).

Filter through a transaction’s list of calls and narrow it down to external ones in critical situations such as hacks and exploits.

To speed up debugging Solidity Smart Contracts, use Annotation and Prioritization to collaborate with your team members more easily.

- Detailed Gas Profiler.

This feature gives you a detailed analysis of gas spending broken down to individual calls.

Find ways to optimize your Smart Contract and reduce its potential gas use.

- Advanced Trace Search.

Use this option to filter transaction traces across different categories.

Some of the filter types include Op Code, State Variable, and Function.

- (Re)Simulating any transaction.

Customize transaction states or parameters to examine alternative outcomes.

You can even (re)simulate transaction batches.

- Testing the output of pending transactions.

Get access to the entire Mempool so you can test transaction outcomes even before they’re processed on-chain.

_______________________________________________________________________________ Long story short, use this full-suite feature to dive deep into any transaction on more than 20 networks supported by Tenderly.

See the logic behind each Smart Contract, test and experiment with transaction outputs, and stay up to date with EVM-based on-chain events.

There’s a reason why this feature is one of the most popular and powerful developer tools for debugging Smart Contracts and you can now access it from your Chrome (and Brave) browser.

Check it out, streamline your process of debugging code, and take development to a whole new level.


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