UoM Blackboard Enhancement in Chrome with OffiDocs

UoM Blackboard Enhancement  screen for extension Chrome web store in OffiDocs Chromium

UoM Blackboard Enhancement Chrome web store extension

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Run the Chrome online web store extension UoM Blackboard Enhancement using OffiDocs Chromium online.

This extension aims to improve user experience of Blackboard of the University of Manchester, help customize your own blackboard and improve productivity.

It is quite light-weight and written by native JavaScript to ensure high efficiency and reliability.

----- Main features ----- Customize Home Page - Hide unnecessary course entries.

- Display UK time.

- Customize live sessions portal.

(Provide direct access to zoom meeting) - Collapse any portlet as you wish.

Control Embedded Video Player - Apply embedded player in Video Portal (replace original one).

- Use keyboard to control embedded video player.

- Save and override caption styles of embedded player.

- Allow user to reload and restore video progress on network error.

Other Utilities - Go to external link in new tab directly.

- Open links of file content in new tab.

- Open embedded pdf file in browser directly.

- Open embedded web page (like piazza) in browser directly.

- Jump to in-page hash anchor directly.

- Auto log in to UoM Login System.

(Your account information is stored locally) - Auto login if token was expired.

Settings Page (Popup) - Import/Export your user configuration for migration.

- Configure account information for auto login.

- Turn on/off switches for various features.

Accessibility - Sync layout and configuration with your browser account automatically.

- Auto update with long-term support.

----- Support ----- This is an open source project on GitHub.

For more information, go to project repo