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1sec is a time based game that tests your reflexes.

Let the visuals hypnotize you while you eagerly wait for the next second to tick off.

See if you can become the Time Keeper! There are achievements for more challenging gameplay and the game gets harder the more you progress.

Its perfect for playing a quick 5 minutes or for longer while listening through your music library.

FAQ: Q: What is the goal of the game? A: To get the highest possible score with the lowest possible average error.

Q: What exactly do I need to do? A: Hit the spacebar when the bottom number reaches the top number.

If you hit too early or too late you loose a life and points.

Q: What are the apples for? A: Currently apples only give you a small score bonus.

It doesn’t have any other purpose at the moment.

Future versions may require a number of apples to buy extra lives or do other things.

Q: What are the hearts for? A: Hearts indicate the number of lives you have before the game is over.

When a heart appears next to your number you either gain an extra life if you hit that target or don’t loose a life if you miss.

Q: What are the lines in the back? A: The lines visualize how far off you were from your target.

When hitting very close to your target you will also see messages – “GOOD”, “GREAT” etc.

– flashing on the screen.

Q: When is it a 2 and when is it a 5? A: This is one of the challenges in the game.

The bottom number turns more red the closer it gets to the target.

So if the target is 2, the bottom number will be bright red by the time it turns 2 whereas if the target number is 5, the bottom number will only be purple.

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