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PokemonGo Egg Probability in Chrome with OffiDocs

PokemonGo Egg Probability  screen for extension Chrome web store in OffiDocs Chromium



Version 1.0.6 Update: Bug fix Version 1.0.5 Update: When silph road research is in progress during egg reshuffling, the extension show inaccurate ta.

The update will now show those data anymore.

Instead, the extension will show the number of your pokemon in each category.

Version 1.0.4 Update: This extension will also show the probability of hatching your choice at least once when you walk 10 km.

Proabability calculation : 1 - (1-P)^(10/d) where P is the total probability for that egg group and d is the egg distance.

Example: For 2km egg with probability with 20%, the formula would be 1 - ( 1-0.2)^5. In addition to this, the extension will also show the overall probability of hatching your choice at least once for 10km walk when you spin a pokestop.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.0.3 Update: This extension will also show the overall probability of hatching your choice when you spin a pokestop.

The extension will alert that information with "Combined Pokemon with Pokestop Probability(2km+5km+10km)" text.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This adds your customization to TheSilphRoad egg data.


com/egg-distances You can select which pokemon would you like to hatch and it will show you percentage of hatching your choices.

This will give you an idea of which egg(2km, 5km, 7km, 10km) is better to hatch.

Few points worth noting: 1. There is no new egg data.

All data used for calculations are already in the webpage.

Thank you TheSilphRoad researcher for providing the data.

2. The extension will save your pokemon choices when you click "Save and Calculate Best Egg For You" button.

Even you refresh the page, all your pokemon choices will be selected using previous data.

You do not have to reselect all your pokemon choices unless you clear your web storage.

3. TheSilphRoad researcher updates their data frequently.

So, update yourself and find better pokemon egg to incubate.

Happy Hatching.

Additional Information:

- Offered by Madhu Sigdel
- Average rating : 1 stars (hated it)
- Developer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PokemonGo Egg Probability web extension integrated with the OffiDocs Chromium online

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