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Whatever you are using to design and assess learning in your classroom, QUIO Connect software makes it easier and more effective.

QUIO provides a simple, flexible environment in which to collect, analyze and communicate student learning – all in one place.

One step at a time, QUIO helps teachers arrive at an accurate assessment of student learning - revealing more than a letter grade.

Using Learning Maps and Collection Boards together, teachers can seethe overall picture of learning for an entire term.

The Learning Map includes learning standards and descriptions of performance that, in turn, are aligned with evidence from the Collection Board.

The Learning Map is a powerful visualization tool that will display each student’s learning journey at any point in time, and is also a valuable guide and organizational tool for teachers.

With QUIO’s Learning Maps, you can: • Identify big ideas for one subject area by visually organizing learning outcomes and setting performance criteria • Plan meaningful assessment tasks that align directly with big ideas • Identify and curate evidence that best illustrates student performance • Create authentic, descriptive comments and export to various stakeholders • Provide accurate, meaningful evaluation of student learning • Share templates with your peers Each student will have his or her own Digital Collection Board, an e-portfolio to collect evidence of learning.

Use QUIO’s Digital Collection Board to: • Collect and organize multiple pieces of student work • Store video, audio, photos, documents and self-assessments, and link to other media, software applications or blogs • Comment on student evidence and have students review and self-assess their learning • Share student evidence with parents • Share student evidence with your peers

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Quio Connect web extension integrated with the OffiDocs Chromium online