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With one click you can host a google meeting, create a note, browse via VPN, create a Spotify playlist, or even compress your pdf file.

Just install Awesome Shortcuts and click on the icon of your favorite website shortcut.

✓ 88 shortcuts ✓ 29 themes ✓ No ads ✓ Clean UI ✓ Searchable ✓ Open source Web App: https://awesomeshortcuts.


app Available Shortcuts: • Google Meet - Create a real-time meeting using Google Meet.

• Google Calendar - Create and send a new Google Calendar invite.

• Google Docs - Create a new document using Google Docs.

• Google Sheet - Create a new spreadsheet using Google Sheets.

• Google Keep - Create a new note using Google Keep.

• Google Forms - Create a new form using Google Forms.

• Google Slides - Create an online presentation using Google Slides.

• Google Sites - Create and publish a website using Google Sites.

• Google Jamboard - Create a new Jamboard with Google.

• Google AppScript - Create and share new editor functions using Google App Script.

• Bitly - Create memorable, short links to your website with Bitly.

• BeFunky - Quickly edit, filter, and enhance your photos with BeFunky.

• Proxy - Use a proxy server without having to connect to a VPN.

• Medium - Create a new story on Medium.

• Hashnode - Create a new developer blog post using hashnode.

• Spotify - Create a new Spotify playlist.

• SurveyMonkey - Create a new survey using SurveyMonkey.

• GitHub - Create a new GitHub repository.

• GitHub Gist - Create a new GitHub gist.

• Figma - Design and prototype using Figma's collaborative interface.

• CodePen - Prototype your frontend code in CodePen's online development sandbox.

• Codespace - Create a new code snippet on Codespace.

• React.

js - Create a new React project online with CodeSandbox.

• Vue.

js - Create a new vue.

js project online with CodeSandbox.

• Angular.

js - Create a new Angular project online with CodeSandbox.

• Node.

js - Create a new Node.

js project online with CodeSandbox.

• Next.

js - Create a new Next.

js project online with stackblitz.

• JavaScript - Create a new Javascript project online with CodeSandbox.

• TypeScript - Create a new Typescript project online with CodeSandbox.

• Vite - Create a new Vite.

js project online with Stackblitz.

• Flutter - Create a new Flutter project online with dartpad.

• Ionic - Create a high quality, cross-platform native and web app with Ionic.

• .

NET - Create a .

NET application in Microsoft's Try .

NET environment.

• Svelte - Create a new Svelte project online with CodeSandbox.

• Rust - Run a Rust Program.

• CodeSandbox - Create a new project online with CodeSandbox.

• Glitch - Create a full-stack app in your browser and collaborate live.

• UUID - Generate a new UUID.

• Microsoft Excel - Create a spreadsheet using Excel.

• Microsoft PowerPoint - Create a new presentation using PowerPoint.

• Microsoft Word - Create a new document using Word.

• Microsoft Visual Studio - Create a new Visual Studio codespace for your project.

• Microsoft Teams - Chat with your team using Microsoft Teams.

• Editor X - Create a website using Editor X's online tool.

• Stackbit - Create a new Jamstack site.

• Tailwind - Create a new Tailwind Play page.

• Vercel - Create a new project in Vercel for preview and deployment.

• Docusaurus - Create a new docusaurus project in your browser.

• PDF Compress - Compress PDF documents with simple drag and drop with Adobe Acrobat.

• Merge PDF - Combine PDFs into one file with Adobe.

• PDF to Word - Convert PDFs to Word documents with Adobe.

• JPG to PDF - Convert JPG images to PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

• Word to PDF - Convert Microsoft Word documents to PDF.

• Buffer - Schedule and manage your social media posts.

• Email Signature - Create a professional email signature in 30 seconds HoneyBook.

• Canva - Create a new Canva design.

• Canva Menu - Create an appetizing menu using customizable templates from Canva.

• Canva Resume - Create a professional-looking resume using templates from Canva.

• Indeed - Create your online resume with Indeed.

• Shopify - Start a new online shop on Shopify.

• Business Name - Designate your business name on Shopify.

• Business Card - Design personalized business cards with Namecheap.

• Anchor - Create a new podcast episode using Anchor.

• Personio - Track your candidate pipeline using Personio.

• Wix - Build a new website using Wix.

• Adobe Spark - Design beautiful social media posts and more with Adobe Spark.

• Logo - Create a new logo for your business with Adobe Spark.

• Photoshop - Edit an image using Adobe Photoshop online.

• Wordpress - Create a new blog on wordpress.


• Blog Post - Create a new blog post on your Wordpress blog.

• Video Editor - Edit your video online.

• Board - Collaborate remotely on an online whiteboard.

• Asana - Add a new task to your Asana project.

• Resume - Build a new resume with one of CV2You's customizable templates.

• InVision - Collaborate on an online whiteboard using InVision's Freehand.

• Prezi - Design beautiful presentations using Prezi.

• Text Editor - Quickly write a note in online text editor.

• Kahoot - Create an online quiz using Kahoot.

• Dashlane - Keep your online accounts secure with Dashlane's password generator.

• Discord - Start a new Discord community where you can hang out and chat with friends.

• Fake Person Generator - Create a fake profile to protect your identity.

• Test Data - Generate test identities for testing purposes.

• Diagram - Create a flowchart diagram using Diagrams.


• bit.

io - Easily query bit.

io data repositories.

• Miro - Create a wireframe for your project using Miro.

• Matlab - Use MATLAB and Simulink through your web browser.

• Railway - Create a new Railway deployment in the cloud.

• RunKit - Prototype and launch your APIs using RunKit.

License: This extension is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License.

Source code: https://github.


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