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Feel like the new Funimation website's video player is too small? Well this extension changes that.

It allows the video player to fill the full width of the content width on the page for a larger video player without going full screen.

Also add video player functionality such as keyboard controls and playback rate control! Video Controls (When clicked on the player): click on video, spacebar: play pause* ctrl/meta + up arrow: playback rate increase* ctrl/meta + down arrow: playback rate decrease* ctrl/meta + 0: reset playback rate to 1* up arrow: volume up down arrow: volume down m: mute audio left arrow, shift + right arrow: forward 10 seconds* right arrow, shift + left arrow: backward 10 seconds* ctrl/meta + right arrow: next episode ctrl/meta + left arrow: restart episode > previous episode F, alt + enter: fullscreen* *added functionality -- UPDATED 11/4/2021 --- 0.4.2 Bug fixes -- UPDATE 9/27/2021 --- 0.4.1 Updated bug with play-pause overlay -- UPDATE 9/23/2021 --- 0.4.0 Added compatibility with the new web player -- UPDATE 6/3/2021 --- 0.3.0 Updated compatibility to match new site changes.

Added the ability to click on the playback rate in the controls to toggle between 1 and 2. Modernized some code.

Node and Git support added.

-- UPDATE 12/28/2018 --- 0.2.1 Added 1.25 and .

75 playback speeds -- UPDATE 12/28/2018 --- 0.2.0 BIG UPDATE! New more efficient code works with the Funimation Player API to make the magic happen.

New Added Hot Keys/Features! Requested features added KNOW ISSUES CORRECTED! -- UPDATE 12/26/2018 --- 0.1.11 Update to accommodate for new sale/special announcement banners at the top of the page.

Added listeners for using command/apple key for video play back rate control -- UPDATE 6/18/2018 --- 0.1.8 - 0.1.10 PUBLIC: the extension is now public.

Please enjoy the extension, mina-san! Fold Detection: The extension automatically detects the fold and the video will not longer be longer than what fits in the view port.

The video's width is also scaled to fit in the window.

Current Time / Duration: The current video time and total time of the video now appears in the control bar.

New Icon: There's a new Icon!! Security: The extension is encapsulated for better security.

Bug fixes.

-- UPDATE 5/3/2017 --- 0.1.5 !~ NEW VIDEO CONTROLS~! When on the page you can: Use the left and right arrows to skip or go back ten seconds.

When clicked on the player you can: Use the up and down arrows to raise and lower the volume.

Press 0 to mute the player.

Use the up and down arrows while holding control to increase or decrease the playback rate.

Press 0 while holding control will set the playback rate to 1 Playback rate is displayed in the controls now.

-- UPDATE 5/3/2017 --- 0.1.3 Updated a bug- - UPDATE 5/3/2017 --- 0.1.2 Max size of video player increased to 1920px wide (HD max width)

Additional Information:

- Offered by Bitter Buffalo
- Average rating : 4.7 stars (loved it)
- Developer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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