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This extension is a video manipulation tool that can perform transformations via hotkeys on most streaming videos (and images now too).

The hotkeys and functionality are inspired by MPC-HC's Pan and Scan Rotate system.

These transformations are useful for fixing black bars via resizing the video (Zoom), correcting aspect ratios (Stretch) to make video full-screen, GoPro or POV (Point of View) or head mounted video perspectives (Flip aka mirror, or Rotate).

These transformations will also work in full-screen.

Transformations Include: ✔ Zooming (in and out) ✔ Stretching (vertically and horizontally) ✔ Positional Movement (up/down/left/right) ✔ Rotation (clockwise ↻ and counter-clockwise ↺) ✔ Flipping/Mirroring (horizontally and vertically) Demonstration Video: https://www.


com/watch?v=iKdVvSD7y5o You can also combine transformations.

For example, you can zoom in on a specific area by using Zoom and Positional Movement.

Supported Websites: ✔ YouTube™ ✔ Vimeo ✔ Dailymotion ✔ Bilibili B站 ✔ And many more, though this extension is targeting user uploaded videos that need tweaking.

✅ To get started, go to a webpage with a video playing on it.

Then try the hotkeys below.

Default Hotkeys: ▸ Numpad 5 to reset all transformations back to the original ▸ Numpad 9 / Numpad 1 to zoom in/out ▸ Numpad 8 / Numpad 2 to stretch / compress vertically ▸ Numpad 6 / Numpad 4 to stretch / compress horizontally ▸ Ctrl + Numpad direction (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9) to move the element ▸ Ctrl + Numpad 5 to recenter the element ▸ Alt + Numpad 1 / Alt + Numpad 3 to rotate ↻ / ↺ ▸ Alt + Numpad 2 / Alt + Numpad 8 to flip vertically ▸ Alt + Numpad 4 / Alt + Numpad 6 to flip horizontally ▸ Alt + Numpad 7 / Alt + Numpad 9 to rotate 90 degrees ↻ / ↺ ▸ Alt + V will toggle on and off all of the hotkeys above or switch to Video mode ▸ Alt + I will toggle on and off all of the hotkeys above or switch to Image mode Alternative Hotkeys: (Note: For compact keyboards without a numpad like on laptops, and some mac keyboards.

Enabled via a checkbox in the popup action options.

) ▸ Arrow Left / Arrow Right to reset all transformations back to the original ▸ Arrow Up / Arrow Down to zoom in / out ▸ Shift + Arrow Right / Shift + Arrow Left to stretch / compress horizontally ▸ Shift + Arrow Up / Shift + Arrow Down to stretch / compress vertically ▸ Ctrl + Arrow direction (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the element ▸ Alt + Arrow Left / Alt + Arrow Right to rotate ↻ / ↺ ▸ Shift + Alt + Arrow Left / Shift + Alt + Arrow Right to rotate 90 degrees ↻ / ↺ ▸ Alt + Arrow Up to flip vertically ▸ Alt + Arrow Down to flip horizontally ✔ Image transformations are now supported! ✔ ✅ You can also transform images with Alt + I.

⚙️ Customizability: ▸ You can add your own custom hotkeys for any of transformation operations via chrome://extensions/shortcuts.

▸ You can also change 'Toggle default hotkeys' (Alt + V) using chrome://extensions/shortcuts.

⚠️ Troubleshooting and Notes: ▸ Some sites may load a thumbnail of a video and not load the actual video, so you may need to start the video first before attempting to do video transforms.

▸ This extension tries to override browser and website shortcuts like Ctrl + Numpad 5 on YouTube.

You may need to toggle off the hotkeys to use the overridden keys normally, for example using the numpad to type numbers into an input field.

▸ Sometimes I've noticed that I have to click away from a video or the address bar/top portion of the browser (to any content area on the page) to get hotkeys working.

I suspect the video player or browser is trapping the keypress events strangely or perhaps the content area of the page wasn't 'focused' and thus wasn't getting the keypress events.

▸ Feature requests and bug reports are welcome.

▸ I'm still actively developing this extension to make it the best that I can.

Things may change or break and sometimes maybe even improve :) ▸ Soon I'll be adding full customization via an options page and removing the built-in browser shortcuts.

I'll try to copy any custom set shortcuts and pop up the options page when the feature is enabled.

Mouse cursor in the way while streaming videos? Check out another extension of mine, Video Mouse Hider: https://chrome.


com/webstore/detail/nmoomabnbphlcgjghcagjfkildcmpigi (I may simply add this functionality to this extension in the future.


Additional Information:

- Offered by xiferdev
- Average rating : 3.83 stars (liked it)
- Developer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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