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The online dating industry is truly unique.

It has much to offer and can really help people find love on another continent, build a better, stronger relationship, and make their lives much better.

Still, we cannot also deny that the high demand for such services led to a few serious consequences.

The number of dating sites is tremendous, and it is constantly growing.

More importantly, not all of them are good enough to help someone find love, not to mention scam platforms.

Therefore, everyone who wants to find the right person needs to analyze and compare a lot of criteria before he or she joins the site.

We conducted a lot of such researches, and to be honest, this process is very time-consuming and pretty difficult.

We realized that we have a unique opportunity to share the results of our researches with people who, in turn, can save a lot of time and energy.

That is how WifeNow.

net was created.

Meet our team However, it is not enough just to analyze how the dating site works or know much about international couples.

Someone must collect data, set up the profiles, contact support, write the articles, edit and proofread them, confirm the facts, and dispel the myths.

We want to introduce people who create the content which makes WifeNow.

net special.

Paul Vickers - Contributing editor Paul Vickers, our professional contributing editor is responsible not only for working with columnists, developing the ideas, and doing final edits, but also for inspiring the entire team.

Paul knows everything about online dating, but he believes that even though knowledge and experience are essential, only unbiased analysis, deep research, and facts are needed to provide our readers with the precise, up-to-date information on any topic.

To be honest, we could not have created WifeNow.

net without Paul.

His passion for what he does contagious, and we believe that our editors and columnist worth this good, partly because of the good leader.

Analysis and research is not a routine for us – all our experts are motivated to do their best because Paul is putting every effort to help them grow.

Our contributing editor creates diverse content in line with our readers’ goals and interests, analyzes it for accuracy, consistency, user experience implications, and stays current on online dating trends for writing the most engaging and useful articles.

Mary Fincher - Editor Some would say that writing a useful detailed review about a dating platform or a great interesting article about a relationship is no so difficult.

The thing is when we visit a good website, we mostly see edited, accurate, and well-structured content.

However, we don’t see an editor who is behind the scenes.

We hire only the most talented and responsible columnists who conduct in-depth researches and surveys, gather information, confirm the facts, and dispel the myths, i.


, collect the relevant information to create the most informative and useful articles.

Mary Fincher is a person who makes this whole process work properly.

She ensures that all our articles are 100% accurate, clear, and engaging.

She is the best in developing ideas, organizing the materials, structuring the content, and, of course, in proofreading and editing.

Kathleen Buckner - Relationship columnist All our site visitors have access to the information base for the most trusted international dating websites, relationship tips, and mail-order brides from various countries, from Peru to Russia.

Kathleen Buckner, our relationship columnist, is the one who is creating content, but she not only the content writer; she is a researcher and a coach of the rest of our columnists.

Kathleen believes that the relevant, unbiased information is the key to success.

You will not find incorrect or outdated information on WifeNow.

net because she is a perfectionist in a good way.

When we need to find out what dating site is the best, or which dating tips are really useful, Kathleen Buckner comes into play.

She is the relationship expert who is fully responsible for all the advice, data, and recommendations.

Believe us, she has never made mistakes.

Kathleen values her professional reputation most, and she wants our readers to have access only to the most relevant information she collected and processed.

Find your love and start a happy relationship with WifeNow We do believe in love.

And we believe in the top-quality content, too.

Our experts make every effort to provide our readers with relevant, accurate, and up-to-date information on the dating industry, the newest trends, and, of course, the best dating websites.

Stay with us to know everything about international dating, relationship, and places where you can find your soulmate!

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