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Kyle Rayner control de Power Ring, and you will control your favourite hero, Green Lantern in this game.

Green Lantern Corps has a Power Ring that create whatever Kyle Rayner conjures, together with his willpower and imagination this weapon is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the universe.

About Green Lantern The name Green Lantern does not refer to one specific person.

Most people may be surprised by this fact but Green Lantern is some sort of a codename that is being used by creatures all over the universe that are given supernatural power and abilities by the power ring and power lantern to have control of the physical world given that they have enough will power and strength.

The Guardians of the Universe are originally the ones who choose the creatures who will be wielders of the power ring.

However, in some instances, new wielders are chosen as replacements when a wielder dies or becomes incapacitated.

Users of the power ring are members of the intergalactic police force called Green Lantern Corps.

However, the first Green Lantern of the Earth, Alan Scott, was not a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

He got his power from a magical green flame that fell on Earth, specifically in China, many years ago.

The voice of the flame foretold that it would bring death, life and power.

The first person who got the green metal from the meteor made it a lamp.

The townspeople killed him and the green flame killed the townspeople in revenge.

The second person who found the green metal was a mental patient who turned it into a modern lamp.

His sanity and life was restored.

The third person who got the green metal was Alan Scott, a railroad engineer.

He used the green metal to make a ring and he obtained supernatural powers from it.

He became a crime fighter and the first chairman of the Justice Society of America.

When it comes to costume, Alan Scott had an outfit that is quite different from the Green Lanterns that would succeed him.

More recent Green Lanterns have costumes that are mostly green but Alan Scott's outfit was mainly red, purple, and green.

Hal Jordan is the Earth's second Green Lantern.

He is also the first Green Lantern who became a member of the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League.

He is a test pilot and he got his power ring and lantern from Abin Sur, an alien whose spaceship crashed on Earth.

As Abin Sur was dying, he used his ring to search for a human who is utterly honest and born without fear to become the next wielder of his ring.

He found Hal Jordan who since then became the most notable Green Lantern.

The third Green Lantern of the Earth is Guy Gardner who replaced Hal Jordan.

He was also found by Abin Sur but Hal Jordan was chosen because he was nearer to the dying alien.

Other Green Lanterns of the Earth include John Stewart and Kyle Rayner.

Due to the creativity in the supernatural power of the character, many Green Lantern games were made, especially as online flash games.

Children and adults alike are fond of playing Green Lantern games because of the constructs they can make with the power ring.

The best title among all Green Lantern games is the recently released Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters which is available in various gaming platforms.

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