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Tiny D20 in Chrome with OffiDocs

Tiny D20  screen for extension Chrome web store in OffiDocs Chromium

Tiny D20 Chrome web store extension



Run the Chrome online web store extension Tiny D20 using OffiDocs Chromium online.

Aren't you tired of wasting screen space with a whole window or webpage dedicated to a dice roller? With Tiny D20, a quick throw of the dice is just a click away.

Currently works best for Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)-style games.

Support for other RPGs coming soon! ──────────── Features: ➤ Clean, intuitive interface ➤ Easily add modifiers or change the number of rolls ➤ Support for all of the traditional dice: from d4 to d100 ➤ Macros for your most common rolls ➤ View a breakdown of each roll, including the minimum and maximum roll ➤ Open-source! View the code here: https://github.

com/camdenb/Tiny-D20 ──────────── Coming Soon: ➤ Export/Import your macros ➤ Advanced rolls like "1d(1d4+2) * 4" or "(1d4)d(1d20) / 4" or even "1d(1d(1d(1d(1d(1d4)))))" ──────────── v3.0.3 Changelog: ➤ Fixed minor text-color issue ──────────── v3.0.2 Changelog: ➤ Fixed bug with recognizing when a roll was the minimum possible value ──────────── v3.0.1 Changelog: ➤ Removed extra debugging ➤ Fixed small formatting bug with macros ──────────── v3.0 Changelog: ➤ Rewrote the whole extension from the ground up for a better developer and user experience ➤ Fixed major bugs ──────────── v2.1 Changelog: ➤ Added a fancy roll animation, which you can toggle in the options menu ➤ A couple of bug fixes and tweaks ──────────── v2.0 Changelog: ➤ Macros! ➤ Better looking icons ➤ Added an options menu where you can configure Macros and the icon color ➤ Changed the results textarea into a beautiful table ➤ Results table now highlights "natural rolls"(i.


the minimum and maximum possible rolls) ➤ Dozens of bug-fixes and tweaks

Additional Information:

- Offered by camden
- Average rating : 4.85 stars (loved it)

Tiny D20 web extension integrated with the OffiDocs Chromium online

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