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NoCoding Data Scraper Easy Web Scraping in Chrome with Of

NoCoding Data Scraper Easy Web Scraping  screen for extension Chrome web store in OffiDocs Chromium

NoCoding Data Scraper Easy Web Scraping Chrome web store extension



Run the Chrome online web store extension NoCoding Data Scraper Easy Web Scraping using OffiDocs Chromium online.

An easy web scraper tool with 3-click only! Data scraper with auto recipe generation and visual recipe editing.

Public Recipes to scrape popular sites with 1-click Auto multiple pages data scraper with no code required Batch scraping for list of URLs, multiple keywords search and result scraping.

AI detection and data collection with one-click for any websites Auto-fill form, submit form and automate data entry assistant scheduled web scraper to extract web to excel or Google Sheet automatically Surfing assistant to collect Email, generate business leads on any pages visited Data conversation, deduplication, field merge and data filter.

More web extraction and data scraping features after FREE registration! Online video tutorials: https://www.


com/channel/UCvcBbUXf_0Zj5_JR5U5n-MA Core Features: • Browser automation to automate element clicking, page scrolling, data entry, and web extraction in sequence • Automatic deep web scraping and data collecting • AI powered web scraper recipe generation • Data scraping for URL list in batch • Screen scraper for search engine query and result list • Web scraper with various pagination modes support • Infinite scrolling web page scraping • Flexible data transforming and refining with built-in regular expression • Web scraper with iFrame content extracting support seamlessly • Image extractor to save files to local or cloud • Data scraper for dynamic content scraping (JavaScript + AJAX) • Incremental data scraping and crawling • Integration with Google Sheet, Slack ,WeCom and Cloud storage internally • Webhook integration with recruiter systems, sales leads management or email marketing campaigns freely • Optional zoom live support, remote recipe assistance and custom recipe development Some Common Use Cases: * Public business lead scraping, email collector, or public phone scraping in minutes for 1688 sales, Zillow, RedFin estate agent or broker; * Defining Amazon scraper for price monitoring Amazon retail sellers, eCommerce distributors; * Reviews monitoring for eCommerce product review analysts by defining Lazada scraper or Shopee scraper; * Defining eBay scraper to track potential competition on eBay for SME owner and home business; * Defining Map scraper and Yelp, Yellow Pages scraper to optimize your eCommerce shops; * Contact scraping and new money making chance digging for freelancers on Fiverr; * Data entry, automation form filling and data extraction assistant for working from home or home business; * AliExpress seller scraper for SME owners to collect ratings and reviews automatically; * Website scraping + SEO tools for Shopify sellers; * Monitoring new job positions posting on Indeed or favorite employer websites for job seekers; * Assist recruiters scouring leads sites like Salesforce for potential candidates; * public shop scraper for data analyst to do data mining and business opportunity detection.

Who NoCoding Data Scraper(NDS)is for? * Sales looking for leads * Amazon distributers * eBay retail sellers * Recruiters looking for top candidates * Job seekers looking for the best opportunity * Small business owners trying to manage ratings and reviews * Data science / scientists making data collection and cleaning automatically * Marketing professionals analyzing social media sites * Amazon customers * People who using tools like email hunter, Rapportive heavily, to save you a lot of money * Growth hackers looking for ways to collect, analyze and monitor data to do causal analysis * Social media managers organizing friends list and email contacts * Software engineers looking for scraping extension to integrate with Zapier, IFTTT or Workato via webhook HOW does NDS work? NDS is a data extractor and parser which can harvest emails, prices, coupons, new jobs or any other text from web pages.

NDS assists you to define rules (recipes) and tasks by using CSS Selectors to identify the element(s) on the HTML pages.

Then it scrapes that information as schedule and stores the result in your browser in form of a table which you can export as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet, or save data to Google Sheet directly.

NDS supports UTF-8 so it scrapes English,日本語(Japanese),русский(Russian),中文(Chinese),한국어(Korean) with ease.

No complicated Python, PHP, JavaScript, JSON, R, or xPath skills is required to use the application.

NDS uses CSS selector to locate elements.

WHAT NDS can DO and cannot DO? ->Can NDS run as an email crawler? Yes.

NDS provides an general scraping way to gather public emails freely.

->Can NDS work as a Business Lead scraper? Yes.

NDS can work as a business leads scraper well.

You can define recipes to fill in keywords, and then scrape business leads from public sources such as search engine search result, Map search result, Yelp or AliExpress.

->Can NDS act as a RPA? Robotic Process Automation is a popular to enable users to define process to execute a series actions automatically.

Different from desktop based RPA tools, NDS is more like a browser automation tool , or web RPA tool such as axiom or iMarcos.

Except for scraping, you can define various actions to mock to scroll page, to click elements, or to input fields to make data entry, lead generation, and page monitoring more efficiently.

-> Can NDS act as a robot to wander and extract content automatically? No.

NDS is not a bot, and cannot make decision on its own.

Instead, NDS follows your instructions strictly.

Also NDS can only access the content that you allow, and will NOT assist or facilitate you to access unauthorized content.

What are the alternatives if NDS does not meet your needs? We appreciate if you are willing to give us feedback before giving up.

There are many tools you can refer to if NDS is not the most suitable tool for your task: Grepsr has similar element finder as that of NDS to simplify web extraction; getData.

IO enables you to extract web data via similar process; Instant Data Scraper can help you to detect data automatically and start to scrape on the same page easily; Import.

io provides data collection service directly; Listly has simple steps to detect fields quickly with mouse clicking; Agenty enable you to define recipe on browser and then execute scarping on server side; Data Miner has a simple UI to enable you to scrape list repeatedly; AnyPicker has simplified process to scrape multiple pages quickly; SimpleScraper enable you to select elements without any HTML skills required, and preview result intuitively; Also there are other applications or automation extensions, such as Octoparse, Axiom and UI.

Vision, can be your options if you are familiar with programming.

**IMPORTANT INFO**: • NoCoding Data Scraper is a web scraping tool.

All scraped data is always *PRIVATE* and visible only to you.

Whether you're using our free or paid plans.

• NDS uses your own computer(browsers), and runs as an browser extension that lives only in your browser.

Nothing scraped leaves your computer without explicit agreement.

• DOES NOT scrape any data anonymously.

The scraper strictly follows the recipe you defined or imported, and will not execute any action without explicit declaration.

• DOES NOT contain any malware or spyware beyond standard Google Analytics.

• Your email address is used for login and notification purposes, and will NEVER be provided to others for any purposes without your explicitly agreement.

More information about Privacy Policy, please refer to NDS's official website.

NoCoding Data Scraper requires you to understand and abide by the terms of use of whatever site you are scraping via local recipes or recipes under Public Recipes.

the user generated recipes and recipes downloaded from Public Recipes are there for you to use “as is” without any obligation from NoCoding Data Scraper to modify or fix them or to help you to use them.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Following Chrome extension permissions are required to run the NoCoding Data Scraper: tabs: to manage the tabs opened when scraping multiple web pages activeTab: to track active tab for the creating of recipe webNavigation: to track the tabs opened when scraping multiple web pages deeply storage: to store scraped data and configuration unlimitedStorage: to store scraped data on local for exporting later notifications: required to notify you when data scraping tasks done contextMenus: to start assistant data scraping recipes via the right click menu downloads: to download files when click links with file URL alarms: to start data scraping recipes repeatedly or on schedule scripting: to execute actions on the target web pages NoCoding Data Scraper will ask for permission grant via the browser explicitly if any other permissions are required for new features.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or feature requests: service@minirpa.

net Or contact us via our official website: https://www.



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