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Gedit online text editor

Gedit online text editor

Our Gedit online app, a powerful general purpose text editor simple and easy to use. Click in the following button to use Gedit online: 




This is Gedit, the default text editor of the GNOME desktop environment. It has been designed as a general purpose text editor. It is mainly focused on simplicity and ease of use user interface.


Gedit online main features

- Configurable syntax highlighting for various languages. Gedit can habdle source code developed using C, C++, Python, Perl, Java, HTML, XML, ...)

- Provides undo / redo features.

- Allows to edit files from remote locations

- File reverting

- It supports cut, copy and paste functionalities.

- Allows to search and replace using regular expressions

- Texts can be wrapped.

- Provide line numbering.

- Support right margin.

- Bracket matching to facilitate the source code tracking.

- Configurable fonts and colors

- A flexible plugin system.


Further instructions can be found at

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