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HTML online editor

You can create and edit HTML webpages with our app OffiHTML Online. Click in the following button to create or edit HTML webpages: 



OffiHTML is a Html page processor and web publishing tool. It allows to write web pages using a word processor like GUI. It comes with a number of website templates that you can start with. It also contains a number of images and sounds in its gallery that you can use in your web pages. OffiHTML is the app OpenOffice Web Writer that is run remotely in our servers. As a result of that, it inherits OpenOffice Writer features for HTML. 


OffiHTML main features are:


- WYSIWYG. WYSIWYG editor is similar to using a word processor. You type some words or insert some images on the web page and you can immediately see what it will look like in a web browser. 

- Wizards for standard HTML types. You can also create your own templates, or download templates from the Templates repository.

- Advanced HTML Styles and Formatting.

- Suggests tags, common words and phrases to complete while you are typing.

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