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** "G:\\pb\\ponibooru\\169001-170000\\169529 - don_quixote spike twilight_sparkle windmills.png"
** "G:\\pb\\ponibooru\\18001-19000\\18713 - alicorn angry blonde_hair crown derp derpy_hooves don_quixote equine female hair hasbro horse jousting_lance parody pegacorn pegasus pink_eyes pony princess_celestia rainbow_hair riding un.png"
** "G:\\pb\\ponibooru\\196001-197000\\196500 - comic commander_hurricane danteshy don_quixote fluttershy man_of_la_mancha private_pansy rainbow_dash.jpg"

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G:\\pb\\ponibooru\\118001-119000\\118041 - bartholomew_kuma boa_hancock crocodile crossover donquixote_doflamingo dracule_mihawk gecko_moria jinbe one_piece ponified puppet-rhymes shichibukai.png
G:\\pb\\ponibooru\\169001-170000\\169529 - don_quixote spike twilight_sparkle windmills.png
G:\\pb\\ponibooru\\18001-19000\\18713 - alicorn angry blonde_hair crown derp derpy_hooves don_quixote equine female hair hasbro horse jousting_lance parody pegacorn pegasus pink_eyes pony princess_celestia rainbow_hair riding un.png
G:\\pb\\ponibooru\\196001-197000\\196500 - comic commander_hurricane danteshy don_quixote fluttershy man_of_la_mancha private_pansy rainbow_dash.jpg
G:\\pb\\ponibooru\\279001-280000\\279161 - 2014 black_and_white crossover donquixote_doflamingo duo equine fan_character feather_boa female feral fluffle_puff horse human irie-mangastudios male mammal monochrome one_piece pencil_(artwork) pony sketch traditional.png


History class was the worst college class I ever took. I liked chemistry class way more than history class. I failed college History 101 twice; both times my dumbness/lack-of-focus was a factor in failing it, and the second time COVID-19 threw off my routine and normalcy so I sorta just gave up. I withdrew late from Economics 101 and failed one other college class, otherwise I basically got an Associate degree; so that means I passed many more classes than I failed, and it was a success or large success somewhat near the end. I dreaded writing that major history paper both times I had to write one. The thesis (or its making/justification) haunted me. The first time I failed History 101 a significant part of the reason I failed was because the professor was a hardass; I think if in the first time the professor wasn't on hard mode/expert mode I would have passed.

I wrote an annotated bibliography the second time I took History 101, so here it is; I release the following annotated bibliography (AnnotatedBibliography.txt) into the public domain. Like that time I wrote a paper for an Art Appreciation class, the writing probably sucks and my conclusions probably suck too in the following annotated bibliography. The professor opened AnnotatedBibliography.txt, and later the professor basically told me that each line was really long and the professor had to use the scroll bar to scroll horizontally to read it. This means that the professor opened the plain text file with notepad.exe and had Word Wrap turned off; this also shows that the professor sucks Microsoft's cocks, for the professor was used to opening .doc/.docx which is a proprietary and basically a closed source file format. The professor was elderly and didn't know much about technology. Contents of file "AnnotatedBibliography.txt", slightly modified:
[redacted 1]
History 101
[redacted 2]


"Historical Background \u00b7 Don Quixote Throughout Time: Imagining the Man of La
Mancha \u00b7 Don Quixote Throughout Time: The Many Imaginings of the Imaginary
Man of La Mancha." Accessed February 21, 2020.

It's about the historical background of Cervantes's book "Don Quixote", which strongly includes motifs of Spanish life in the 16th to 17th century: chivalry, knights, and a changeing culture. A changeing culture is expressed by Don Quixote trying to becoming a knight: "the first thing he did was to clean up some armor that had [...] for ages been lying forgotten in a corner, covered with rust and mildew" ("Ormsby 27"). A significant number of Spanish knights ("caballeros") in early 17th century Spain believed/assumed that there was and still is a chivalric culture among knights. However, their beliefs about the present, and past especially, may've come from ficticious sources or been contrived. Christian Spain reduced its conquest of Muslim areas, so 17th century caballeros were usually governing some territory or being courtiers (adviser to royalty in a court).
Only a small portion of caballeros were being warriors in this time. Knights in armor were somewhat going extinct, yet Spaniards of the time were very interested in chivalry legends. Some (whom the author claimed were called "petty nobility") tried to get "gentleman status" ("hidalgo") by claiming to have been chivalrous in military efforts. Don Quixote was also affected by this idea of chivalry in history. The author writes about Cervantes presenting a critical view of chivalry and its stories. In "Don Quixote"'s prologue Cervantes's text leads readers to see that references could be used (whether erroneously or not) to "prove" the realism of a posited chivalrous reality. "Don Quixote", which could be read as a parody, has storytelling typical of said chivalrous stories, the prologue has fictional text about important people, and it may've references (like other such stories) to "prove" the mythos's realism.
This research is objective. It seems to be a reliable source, for it cites some books. One of the books was published by the University of Toronto Press. The author seems to be unknown. The source is helpful, schoolarly, and short.


Krueger, Alison. "Historical Context for Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes."
Accessed February 21, 2020. https://www.college.columbia.edu/core/node/1764.

This source is about the more distant history of Spain (compared to the previous source) and how that relates to "Don Quixote". It states that North African Muslims invaded a large amount of Spain in the early 8th century. Not long after this incident and for hundreds of years Christian Spaniards fought to take back control of the regions. In 1547 Miguel de Cervantes was born. In his lifetime he saw the decline of Spain. Spain was enforcing orthodoxy via government and church powers. Spain then tried to expand its territory. Along with the conflict Spain was already experiencing, it failed to invade England. Spain's naval power also deminished, decreasing its power as an empire. In 1598 the nation's economy was messed up. Inflation, high taxes, and poor agricultural practices all happened. Authorities still tried to do military campiaigns and other costly endevors even though they couldn't afford it.
Compared to the previous source this source is about the broader history of Spain. This source is significantly longer than the previous source. This research is objective. It seems to be a reliable source, for it cites some books. One of the books was published by the Oxford University Press. The author is Alison Krueger from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese in the Columbia University. Considering that Alison Krueger is from that department, she is probably knowledgable about this topic. The source is helpful and schoolarly, and it tells about how the decline of Spain could motivate Cervantes to write "Don Quixote".


Bloom, Harold. "Harold Bloom on Don Quixote, the First Modern Novel." The Guardian, December 13, 2003.

In the beginning of this article, the author states that Cervantes has a legendary status in the history of literature. This status, I assume, comes from writing "Don Quixote". This article examines Cervantes, the literary aspects of "Don Quixote", and the characters of the book. By understanding these things, one can peer into the historical meaning of the book. Don Quixote is weakened by the realities around him. The church and state discouraged him, but he did not himself become discouraged. Don Quixote isn't an simp, and he isn't insane. He is an everyman who really got into the idea of chivalry. Don Quixote seeks glory and to live on as a legend. Don Quixote has a partner: Sancho Panza; Don Quixote and Sancho Panza are honest with each other and change as a result. In part two of "Don Quixote", Don Quixote and his partner face cruel jokes and become very discouraged as a result. This is to such a degree that the author of this article states "Nabokov is very illuminating on this in his Lectures on Don Quixote, published posthumously in 1983: both parts of Don Quixote form a veritable encyclopedia of cruelty. From that viewpoint it is one of the most bitter and barbarous books ever penned. And its cruelty is artistic." Heroism in "Don Quixote" is sparce, and one or more disreputable things happen, as results of Don Quixote or Sancho Panza.
Compared to the previous source this source seemed significantly longer. This research is objective and subjective. It seems to be a reliable source, due to who the author is. The author is Harold Bloom, and this article is, according to this article, "an edited extract from Harold Bloom's introduction to a new edition of Don Quixote, translated by Edith Grossman, published by Random House at $20." The source is helpful and somewhat schoolarly.

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G:\\>7z h -scrc* "G:\\pb\\ponibooru\\196001-197000\\196500 - comic commander_hurricane danteshy don_quixote fluttershy man_of_la_mancha private_pansy rainbow_dash.jpg"
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See also:
* https://ds-omeka.haverford.edu/quixote/exhibits/show/donquixote/reality/background
* https://www.college.columbia.edu/core/node/1764
* https://www.theguardian.com/books/2003/dec/13/classics.miguelcervantes
* https://twitter.com/BrBabblingBooks/status/891655625071112192

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