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OC: Aine

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splendor, radiance, brilliance. known in folktales as 'the best hearted woman who ever lived- lucky in love & money.' // pool, someone who lived near a pond
multiverse -- multiship

\u266b \u266b \u266b

GENDER. female (cis)
PRONOUNS. she/her
AGE. 20
D.O.B. april 1st
ZODIAC. aries
HEIGHT. 4in // 5ft 0in
SPECIES. fairy
ORIENTATION. bisexual - panromantic


:bulletpink: - |: '' -

LIKES. sewing, cute animals, swimming, warm baths, adventure
DISLIKES. bottles, cold/snow, spicy foods, alcohol, bards, tangled hair
HOBBIES. sewing




a doctor of fae folk & the larger world alike; aine can assume a larger, \u2018normal\u2019 size form. from many years of using this form to heal others; she can assume it for quite a decent amount of time.
claustrophobic. bottles, dark caves, nooks & crannies- all are to be avoided to prevent potential panic and hyperventilation.
works as a doctor, but rarely ever accepts payment for such services. healing is her calling, but sewing is her career.
oddly attracted to glowy things\u2026 pretty lanterns, bio luminescent creatures, reflective prisms & gemstones- must be a fairy thing.


LEGEND OF ZELDA VERSE |: the miracle worker
the forest is her home; it always has been, always will be. a small fairy village, located quite near a set of natural springs & a human settlement, had never been nothing special- it had never been placed on any maps until she came around. her beginnings were not so bright as her future; born and possibly orphaned to an unknown couple, and left as an infant on the step of the village elder. she was taken under the wing of the aging lady, affectionately known to the girl as \u2018gran\u2019, in blissful darkness of her origins. as a child she was weaned on stories of the mother great fairy, who loved all her children and blessed those she deemed worthy with the task of taking care of them. never did she question these stories, and never did she live a hard life at gran\u2019s side.
the village considered the new addition a joy to be around; she ran errands & did favors for gran, becoming known to everyone there as a helper and a kind hearted little fairy child. many of her early years were spent making potions along side the elder, and from that a natural talent for healing & tending bloomed. when she was not babysitting other fairy children in the village, she spent long hours healing injured and tending to the elderly of their village. it was not until much later that they discovered a talent for healing magic, which changed aine\u2019s life forever. such potent healing magic had never been present in the village, and was perhaps taken for granted- but feeling helpful left the girl with a good feeling, so she never questioned it. her magic made life easier for everyone, and cut back what time she spent doing chores in trade of what free energy she would have after long healing sessions.

in her new found spare time she took up sewing; a skill she had only used to stitch wounds before, but sought to make better clothing for both herself and fairies all over hyrule. things stagnated in their village, even with such an enjoyable hobby- it was boring to be visited by humans simply to make use of the fairy\u2019s healing ability; so instead of sitting around as a known miracle worker; aine decided to set out on her own, to make her own adventures & heal those who could not come to her.





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