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W.G.O.D 8-10-2012 ALL NEW!!!

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Yes!!! This is G O D with an all new podcast of over 2 hours of "MUSIC YOU WON'T HEAR ANYWHERE ELSE" Stuff from the Sluggisha,Wheelchair,and Retard Riot labels,From the blogs of Yip! Records ,Region Rock Blog,Glorify the Turd blog,soundcloud,youtube ,and old and new punk classics from the web and beyond!Lots of rare,unreleased,demo,out-takes and more from our own bands plus special in-studio guests on this episode!! THE 3 CRAPELLEROS doing one of their original acapella numbers,exclusive to this G O Dcast ,plus some of their trademark crappy jokes that make no sense!
Featuring the latest in punk,new-wave,underground,tardcore,noise,shitcore,alt-rock,oi ,and more!!!
here is the track listing ,please enjoy responsibly!:

BOY IN LOVE - Coins (Live! at Pats In The Flats 7/27/2012 youtube)
KILL THE HIPPIES - Happy People (Live! at Pats In The Flats 7/27/2012 youtube)
MALCOLM TENT - Hello There (Cheap Trick cover Live! at Pats In The Flats 7/27/2012 youtube)
NUT SCREAMER - Spoken/performance art piece (Live! at Pats In The Flats 7/27/2012 youtube)
THE LETTUCE VULTURES - Tires:Five Dollars And Up/Vote For President (Bionic Level Of Disgust For Humanity CD WCFOOM)
STRAWBERRY SHORTCOCK - Fire (s/t debut CD Sluggisha)
CHACHI ON ACID - Fucked Up/Blitzkreig Bop (Lemonheads/Ramones covers outtakes from the upcoming LP ,"A Group Of Fans Will Follow Your Philosophy" on Basement Handjob Records)
ROLLING AND GROWLING - Trendsetter (Demo 2 youtube)
THE DICK PANTHERS - Ding Dong Ditch (The Dick Panthers/Outstanding Clocks split CD WCFOOM)
OUTSTANDING CLOCKS - The Flying Latrine (The Dick Panthers/Outstanding Clocks split CD WCFOOM)
OPEAELF 69 - Stupid Pooping Crap (Is My Favorite Band)/Tardman (David Bowie cover) (from an upcoming split with a WCFOOM artist)
ONE FELL SWOOP - Bristly Bag O' Yogurt Bones ( Widgets cassette Sluggisha)
OFF! - Borrow And Bomb/Wiped Out ( s/t LP)
THE 3 CRAPELLEROS - Bumpa Dee Doo + stand-up comedy (special in-studio guests,performing Live!!)
CAT MACHINE - Video Christ (Norma Jeans Dead -the last recorded legacy Sluggisha)
LINDA BLARE PROJECT - Video Christ (Building A Better Mousetrap - A Tribute To Cat Machine cassette Lava Church Records/Sluggisha)
THE SWAGGS - Take You To The Crib (Black Hipsters In The Year Of Chaos Yip!Records)
LIP GLOSS CHASTITY BELT - 12:51 Stroke Me (37 Dicks compilation Yip!Records)
7-11's - They Closed The 7-11 (demo from Region Rock blog)
ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS - A.Y.F.S. (Death From Above cassette Region Rock blog)
POOR WHITE TRASH - Broke As Hell (Brutal Truths cassette Region Rock blog)
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS - Future (May 2012 demo ,Illinois Region Rock blog)
ANTLER JOE AND THE ACCIDENTS - Words (Go Commercial e.p. ,Ft Myers 1st punks)
ARYAN DISGRACE - Teenage S + M (Faggot In The Family 7" KBD punk)
ASF - Buy A Car (from an upcoming split with an artist from Bulgaria!)
Z.A.T.H. -One To Two (Dag Nasty cover "Zenith-All The Hits" ZATH2 bandcamp page)
CAULIFLOWER ASS AND BOB - Bowling (split with Sloth ,2000)
SKINDUST - American Superstar (Skindust /Hell Garbage Split Yip!Records)
HELL GARBAGE - Huey Lewis Cover (Skindust /Hell Garbage Split Yip!Records)
ANAL BABES - Not Of This Earth (Angry Samoans cover ,Diareah or Delirium cd)
ANGRY SAMOANS - Gimme Sopor (Inside My Brain ,1980)
YOBEL WEENEL - Guarz Grung (from the upcoming split release with Bloodponies)
SHA MA MO - If You Have A Bandage,That Would Be Great (s/t debut soundcloud/Sluggisha)
REDD KROSS - Uglier (Researching The Blues ,not yet released!)
FANG - Law And Order (Landshark lp)
INSOLENTS - Riot (Mystic Records 1985 7")
TEXTING GIRL - Martian Law (Children Of Sluggisha - Yip!Records)
CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS - She's Lost Control (Joy Division cover -Shores lp 2006)
DR.SADISTIC AND THE SILVERKING CRYBABIES - Teenage Wino (Pyramid Punk lp ,thanks to Mr. Poopy - Glorify The Turd Blog)
ELDERLY YOUTH - Hip Replacement (Forming cd Retard Riot Re:cdrs/Sluggisha)
THE GRATEFUL DEAD KENNEDYS - The Wasted Youth LP (s/t cd ,Retard Riot Re:cdrs)
QUEERWULF - What Makes Me Smile (What makes Me Smile 7" 2002)
BABYGOAT - Cat Show (Greetings From DeKalb ,Brown Bear records)
SEASONAL MEN'S WEAR - Sleepy Sean (Greetings From DeKalb ,Brown Bear records)
NACHO KNEES - A Very Hearty Brew (s/t cd Sluggisha)
THE DIRTY HEELS - Talkin' Bout You (Chuck Berry cover ,Live At The Swamp III St. Patty's Day 2012 Brown Bear Records)

So there it be another podcast sucessfully completed! Come back next week for more!!!Thanks!!

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