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Bills, Bills, Bills

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"Bills, Bills, Bills"

by: Wes Robert Ward

"How long has this lightbulb been on? You know I'm trying to save money on the electric bill."

"Since the year 2000."

"You mean to tell me it's been on for 21 years?"

"I know, pretty good lightbulb, huh? Benjamin Franklin would have loved it."

"It'll take a lot of Benjamin Franklins to pay for it!!!"

"Ha, I get it. Because he's on the one hundred dollar bill, right?"

"Funny isn't it? Makes my wallet cry. How about yours?"

"Soooo, you're saying George Washington can't help?"

"No, a dollar won't cover it."

"Two dollar bill here."

"No, Thomas Jefferson went bankrupt if you remember before he died, yet I don't have the privilege, but I bet somebody probably left his lightbulb on too that caused it."

"How about Abraham Lincoln?"

"No, five dollars won't cover it either. He'd shoot himself if he saw the bill."

"Ten dollar\u2026 right from my treasury."

"No, Aaron Burr. Maybe I ought to avenge Alexander Hamilton through you."

"A crisp twenty dollar bill here, just for you."

"It'll take more than that, Old Hickory. Andrew Jackson would be annoyed right about now and shoot you with his musket."

"Fifty dollars?"

"You mean you didn't use it yet to smoke weed like Ulysses S. Grant there would?"

"No, not yet. Hey, I got you, bro\u2026. here's a million dollar bill with Richard Nixon on it."

"Great, I'll go pay the bill\u2026. hope no one calls me a crook."

The End. \ud83d\udcb5\ud83d\udcb0

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