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Camp Hyrule 2001 Gallery & Overview

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August 13th - 17th. Registration for Camp Hyrule 2001 began at 11:00 a.m. PST on August 1st[3]
Camp had a curfew (9 PM PDT, 12 AM EDT)[5]

Gamecube Blueprints
2001 was all about the Gamecube\u2019s blueprints being stolen. You had to play little mini-games based on Luigi\u2019s Mansion and Pikmin to \u201cwin" them back. Wario was the one who stole the prints.

Bowser Fire
At the end of last day he let Bowser loose and the entire Camp was on fire. [1]

Maps & Locations
First Aid Hut
Trading Post
NOA Lounge
Lake Webconda
the cabins
Pokemon Crystal Battle Ground
Pokemon Crystal Battle Tower
Kobe's Court
Pikmin Garden
The Halfpipe
Maniac's Cave
Luigi's Mansion Parlor
Mr Pickle's Crib
The Smash Club
The Swamp
Mario Kart: Super Circuit Track
Stumpy's Pasture. This area was special enough that only the selected regulars were given the access keys to enter.[8]
Near the end of camp, Scott made Stumpy's Pasture chat room for us, so we could give our farewells to Stumpy. ;D [5]

Games & Contests (contests and prizes)
Luigi Game: Some ghosts are floating by at the camp. click on them to play a luigi's mansion organ game [3]
Pikmin game. [3]
Bowser Game [3]

Bus ride trivia. Winner of trivia got a copy of Advance Wars for the Game Boy Advance. [2]
Potential to win Nintendo GameCube and complete library of launch titles. [3]
Only one Face Painting this year [5]

Carrot Top Award (most humorous): NUTTINBUTFLUFF64
Gilbery Godfrey Award (most obnoxious): DIAMONDCUTTERS
Camp Picaso (best artist): KATTIXIE
Barney Award (friendliest camper): KATTIXIE
Teletubby Award (cutest camper): KITTY98
Boldest Camper (camper who used bold the most): CAJUNSTYLE
Belushi Award (best food fighter): NAZGRL
Camp Patriot (best fanboy): CHJUSDBERUBE
Zestfully Clean (best spelling/grammar): MIKEMN
Vampire Award (most times seen at night): KATTIXIE
Camp Ironman (most hours at camp): KATTIXIE, HAKUDEN, PRODIGY052
Lost Arc Award (best cabin raider): ZOASAM
Marilyn Manson Award (freakiest camper): LAWBOY, ZETHORA, NBKNMO
Lounge Lizard Award (most time spent in NOAinside): CHPENTIUM166
Bus Ride Winner: TempMatt (Wins a copy of Advance Wars.)

Winning Cabin: Cabin 9 (Everyone in the cabin wins a poster autographed by the NOAs.)
GC Winner: Anikiki (Won a Gamecube, and will receive it at launch.) [5]

Cabin Info
Cabin 1 - We Be Cubin [3]
Cabin 2 -
Cabin 3 - GameCubians [3]
Cabin 4 -
Cabin 5 - Bowser's Disco Inferno[3]
Cabin 6 - Luv Shak [3]
Cabin 7 - Conker's Cabin [3]
Cabin 8 - Pangea\u00b3 [3]
Cabin 9 - Fight Cube [3]
Cabin 10: Base 10 [3]
Cabin 11 - Hylian sages [3]
Cabin 12 - Jet Force Jinjos [3]

[1] WarioFan 64
[2] Planet Gamecube
[3] IGN Forums
[5] "DaHoneyBadger" (Muku6)
[8] TStodden

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