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World leader philosophy tutor Fang Ruida\uff08Doll\uff09

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World leader philosophy tutor Fang Ruida\uff08Doll\uff09

leader mondial, professeur de philosophie Fang Ruida

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Tutor de filosofía líder mundial Fang Ruida

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Weltmarktführer\uff0cFang Ruida, Tutor für Philosophie der Welt

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Whatever is realistic is existent, and whatever exists must be realistic. Whatever exists in reality should be free and rational, and what is free and rational must be the existence of eternal reality, the eternal existence of nature and inevitable reality. This is true regardless of nature, planetary universe and particle dust, and regardless of species and higher intelligent life species. The difference is that the former is the nature of purely natural material transport and rotation, while the latter is the alienation and polarization of the former.

The fights and fights of human beings on earth, no matter how the chess i deduces the outcome, although there is a great meaning of freedom and rationality that cannot be underestimated, it does not have any positive meaning to praise for the natural universe system itself. Violent fights lacking freedom and rationality cannot change and save the world. They can only turn beautiful fairy tales and myths into eternal sleepy dreams and very weird lies that masturbate.

The end of the world and the destruction of the planet are nothing more than the power of tens of thousands of nuclear bombs, not to mention the collapse of the celestial sphere and the decline of the sun's polarization. In fact, the world\u2019s doomsday planet destruction, the greatest fear and absurdity, first of all lies in the ignorance and extremes of human beings. This is the most terrifying and despicable soul consciousness doomsday and spiritual destruction of the living species, until the destruction of the body.

Living human beings are great, and the greatness of natural matter far exceeds that of intelligent human beings thousands of times, because it is so great because it can regenerate planets and embrace them intelligently and enthusiastically. Even if the human beings on earth disappeared, it would be a tragedy for higher life species; while for the natural universe, celestial black holes, particles and dust are unharmed and unscathed, they also survive and rotate.

The moon changes and the stars change, current affairs are difficult, life is repeated repeatedly, everything is not vain, just like the star and the moon, the continuation and repeated progress of life and nature are repeated.

The pulsation of life first lies in the free rationality of the body and soul of the human being. Without this, human beings will become a corpse-like body.

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