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Screenshot 2020 10 18 Emis Webp ( WEBP Image, 1280 \u00d7

Free download Screenshot 2020 10 18 Emis Webp ( WEBP Image, 1280 \u00d7 720 Pixels) free photo or picture to be edited with GIMP online image editor

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emi threaten by her deadly evil archenemy the card princess emi 'you'll never defeat or destroy me" card princess [i see that you've got my top that i made for you emi i hope you enjoy it as long as wear it] emi {why are you doing this to me?} card princess (to make you weak) emi -to herself i've got to take this top off of me cause it's weaken me- card princess =so emi my top is making you weak?= emi +yes it's weakening me i'm to weak to stop you+ card princess hiss with joy i've weaken emi emi \\you'll never win\\ card princess hissing at emi's heart |i have won cause that top that i made for you is doing it's job so keep wearing the top in till your to weak to fight me emi| emi-to herself i've must take this top off of me before i'm to weak to fight her- card princess +so my dear little girl child my top is weakening you that's great cause the top is made of flowermite that can and will stop you for good my dear+ emi =i'll find a way to defeat you= card princess [flowermite weaken emi's heart so that she'll never stop me] emi {flowermite will never stop my heart or me] card princess \\but my child flowermite is doing it's job so i'll take my leave remember to keep wearing the flowermite top emi as the card princess evilly hiss at emi's heart and takes emi's deck of cards\\ emi |she's gone i must take this flowermite top off before i'm so weak that i must find my deadly evil foe card princess| card princess back at her hideout (so i have emi's deck of cards soon i know all about my foe so that i'll destroy her once and for all i'll make a flowermite doll of my foe) emi +finally i've took off that deadly top that i had to wear cause it was weakening me i've got to learn more about this flowermite so that i can not let it weakening me as the girl i am and find a way to stop my archenemy card princess+ card princess =well i made a flowermite heart of my child foe soon the flowermite doll will be ready to weaken the child finally she'll be done for evil rules= emi [i've got to find that card princess ow i feel something at my heart and it's weakening my heart i must find my deadly evil foe of an archenemy card princess] card princess{so my flowermite heart is weakening emi's heart soon emi you'll be to weak to fight me and then you'll be stopped for trying to stop me} emi \\so i found something about flowermite the one thing that can destroy the deadly evil flowermite is weedmite it's from the seed of the sunflower and the oil of cornflower it saids that the cornflower oil destroys the flowermite and the sunflower buns the flowermite\\ card princess |as soon as i put emi's flowermite heart in the doll of her emi will be made very weak cause the doll is wearing a copy of the flowermite top that emi is wearing|emi,oh.that/princess;she:thinks\\that|she+can=stop+me-well*she;ll/never,;i:m:a\\girl|i,ll:i,ll|fight+her=and+win,

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