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Run the Chrome online web store extension Jira Epic Management using OffiDocs Chromium online.

Jira Epic Enhance Extension! Can easy to see process for your jira epic program.

### Present situation: Epic is used to manage the project progress.

The experience from the time dimension is not good.

It needs to be assisted by other tools, which is time-consuming, labor-consuming and inaccurate.

Epic lacks the management of various factors affecting the project progress (holidays, abnormal environment.




### Reason: JIRA has a perfect and complex business data model with many functions, but few people are proficient in using it (such as developer).

At present, epic is only used by simply splitting epic - > story, and the split story type is single (for example, only developer's stroy is included).

No JIRA dashboard found for single epic ### Resolvent: Provide customized chrome plug-ins for JIRA to enhance epic's project management ability.

Chrome plugin JIRA epic Management: ### Purpose: Highlight JIRA epic as the main tool of project management and minimize the use of other tools.

Make the overall project progress and task sub progress clear at a glance from the time dimension.

Simple and clear management of abnormal factors of the project, so as to be flowable and traceable.

At the same time, it meets the pure front-end, pure back-end, mixed front and rear ends, and multi person development mode on the same node.

### Design idea: Define the usage rules of epic Epic can only contain stroy from the development node The story type included in epic must include all nodes in the process from development to release Epic officially opened on the first day of dev development Define all abnormal factors All abnormal factors are story And can achieve flexible processing Define stroy state change rules When all stroy status is done, it is completed (after epic is completed, it can be closed uniformly) Definition 1 + 1 = 2 ### Design details: Process node (keyword) Group (Team): BE / FE Node: START / DEV / DESIGN_ QA / TEST_ QA / PM_ QA / RELEASE Action: DELAY Simple syntax representation [DEV FE] development front end [TEST_QA FE] test front end [START FE] start front end [TEST_QA FE DELAY] test front end delay [DEV BE DELAY] development backend delay ### Plug in Demo: Normal process operation Set start time Different nodes (such as development and testing) complete some tasks in parallel Smooth end Abnormal factor insertion Holidays, weekends Emergency task insertion Personnel ask for leave (approval required) Someone joined in the middle Someone suddenly helped with a little task Completed ahead of schedule #### PS: Epic: a project on roadmap with a long cycle (development test release) (for example, more than 5 days) Task: a project with a short cycle (e.


within 5) Bug: urgent task

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