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Jiffy Reader in Chrome with OffiDocs

Jiffy Reader  screen for extension Chrome web store in OffiDocs Chromium

Jiffy Reader Chrome web store extension



Run the Chrome online web store extension Jiffy Reader using OffiDocs Chromium online.

Jiffy Reader uses Bionic Reading to help you to read faster, better , easier and with incredible focus than ever before.

Stop re-reading the same text over and over.

Jiffy Reader creates focus points based on the principles of Bionic Reading that guide your eyes and make it easier to glide through text.

The focus points are created by manipulating font weights, opacity and color.

With Jiffy Reader you customize how the text is manipulated to create focus points.

Jiffy Reader's goals are to make reading, fun , comfortable and easy while reading.

Basically we want you to have the best Bionic Reading experience possible when compared to other Bionic Reader extensions.

We have received lots of love and support from many people some of whom have expressed how Jiffy Readers helps improve their reading and focus with ADHD and academic work.

We hope that by using the Jiffy Reader extension you too will be able to read large amounts of text faster, more easily, with greater comprehension and focus.

Features #### Global preferences button - clicking this button enters global mode where your preferences are saved and applied to applied to all other sites when you open them afterwards #### Site preferences button - Clicking this buttons activates and saves preferences only for the site you are presently on.

- Any changes you make with the other buttons and sliders persist for only this site.

#### Enable reading mode button - Click this button to turn on/off bolded text on the page.

- Press `ALT + B` to achieve the same effect as clicking this button on chrome.

see the [shortcut-section](#shortcut) for more info.

#### Saccades interval slider - Use this slider to set how many words are left untouched/unbolded or un-emphasized after the first emphasized word or the first word.

- 0 means there will not be a single or any untouched words, all words are emphasized.

- 1 means exactly 1 word is left untouched before the next successive emphasized word.

- 2 means 2 words are left untouched so does 3 and 4. #### Fixation strength slider - Use this to control how much or how little of each word is emphasized you your liking .

#### Fixation edge opacity - Use this to control how faint(weakly visible) or strongly visible you want the edge(un-emphasized) part of words to appear.

#### Saccades colors - Use this to select a means of emphasization using colors.

#### Saccades styles - Use this to select a means of emphasization using bold variations or underline variations.

#### Line height buttons - Use these buttons to increase or decrease line height to strain and improve the confort of reading.

#### Always on/off button - Use this button to controls the default behaviour which is if words on pages are or aren't emphasized when loaded by default.

#### Reset Defaults - Resets preferences of the currently engaged preference mode.

### Google Play Books Native (Epub and PDF support) - This extension works with [google play books](https://play.


com/books) 1. Open or navigate to [google play books](https://play.


com/books) 2. Click on any book in your library to read it and turn on the extension if not on already 3. You can search for new books (paid or free) and add to your library to start reading Change Log: Fix: web.


com message contenteditable Update: improve error messages Add some more translations and ui update improvements and bug fixes Fix: missing line height label See detailed change log on github https://github.



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Jiffy Reader web extension integrated with the OffiDocs Chromium online

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