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From school to your office, Skrifa is the word processor for everyone.

With a minimal, distraction free, simple and yet powerful interface, it's focused on what you really care, your content.

It is so versatile that you'll have no problem using it for any scenario, as a power user or just as a simple quick note taking app.

From text styling to videos and images, and there are also features for more specific things like writing code, math and data tables.

Your notes and notebooks are saved locally on your computer, they are never uploaded anywhere so you can be sure your information is safe with you and ready to use even offline.

Some settings data is saved to your Google Account.

You can also create backups of your all your data and save it wherever you want so if anything happens you'll always have a way to restore everything.

You can import your Markdown notes to Skrifa and export Skrifa notes to Markdown or HTML as well! This is an Open Source project released under the GPLv3 License.

You can view the code and contribute in GitHub! https://github.

com/Skrifa/Chrome There is also a Skrifa App for Desktop with a whole bunch of new Features like encryption, loading local images etc.

To find out more visit the webpage (https://skrifa.

xyz) Features: * Mathjax Support * Code Highlighting * Video (Only when online) and Image support * Create and restore from backups * Full Rich text editor * Custom HTML insertion * Backup creation and restoration * Single note import and export * Markdown import and export (No support for code or tables) * HTML export * Night Mode * Notes grouping in Notebooks Changelog: v0.1.15 - Images will be now saved offline so you won't need a connection to view them - Improved compatibility with the desktop apps - New logo - Scrollbars are now styled - The markdown to HTML parser has been changed to Markdown-It - Font has changed to Open Sans to keep consistency between the apps - Database schema and Note structure was updated to keep consistency between apps v0.1.13 - Fix backup creation bug v0.1.12 - Add new Skrifa announcement v0.1.11 - Fixed error when titles had special characters - Scrollbars will now be shown v0.1.10 - Fixed headers size - Unified Grid and List change button - Fixed Modal windows behaviour v0.1.9 - UI Hotfix v0.1.8 - Added Notebooks functionality - You can now import Skrifa or Markdown notes from the same place - Saves a click - Improved UI v0.1.7 - Added HTML Export - Fixed Skrifa Export bugs with notes containing math or code v0.1.6 - Updated MathJax to v2.6 - Fixed problem with MathJax rendering

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